Santa Fe wins and qualifies for the group stage of Copa Sudamericana

Águilas Doradas and Independiente Santa Fe played the only match for the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. The first half was in possession and goal options for the locals, but on the scoreboard for the visitors.

Águilas wanted to impose their game of speed and high pressure in the first 45 minutes and was able to beat Santa Fe, but they wasted two options they had in José Silva’s goal. The visitors looked good in defense, especially with Mantilla and Millán and they left with a clean sheet.

It seemed that a goalless tie would be the fairest way to end the first part of the match, but Harold Rivera’s team went ahead on the scoreboard at minute 47, before the referee’s whistle.

Dayron Mosquera, who returned to ownership, received a pass from Fabián Sambueza to the near post where he took advantage to beat goalkeeper José Contreras and left his team in the lead before going to halftime.

Although Santa Fe had problems at the start and was anticipated by his rival, he was able to score one of the two options he had and that effectiveness led him to be the winner before the second half.

Second half: Triumph and classification of Santa Fe

Sambueza and Johan Torres were the best for Santa Fe in the first half and in the second they followed the same line. The first, even, doing defensive work. His influence made the Bogota team had the best minutes of the game at the start of the second half.

However, at minute 65, Águilas achieved the tie. The visitors made a mistake in defense and Jean Pineda took advantage of a rebound in the area to beat Silva after an assist from Mateo Puerta.

After the goal, Rivera changed Enamorado for de la Rosa and Marlon Torres for Jersson González to give a little more width to the field and more mobility in attack to Santa Fe. Marrugo also entered for Sambueza and Rojas for Rivera.

But, also after the goal, Águilas advanced their lines and risked everything to go for the victory. Santa Fe, instead of taking advantage of his rival’s imbalance, lost the ball and decided to withdraw in defense. He had a clear opportunity that he wasted with Wilfrido de la Rosa.

But if Águilas’ goal came from a big mistake by Santa Fe, Santa Fe’s second came from a serious mistake by Águilas in defense. The risk he took by putting the team in the opposite field was paid for by coach Lukas González with an oversight after a side kick from the visitors.

De la Rosa was in charge of scoring with almost the entire area of ​​the premises clear. The player who had just entered gave victory to those led by Harold Rivera who qualify for the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana. The cardinal team will meet their rivals in the draw on March 22.


Jose Aja (11′, Kevin Mantilla), Auli Oliveros (56′, Marco Perez), wilfrido de la rosa (68′, José Enamorado), jersson gonzalez (68′, Marlon Torres), Johan Caballero (75′, John Fredy Salazar), Fabian Suarez (75′, Alex Castro), Christian Marrugo (78′, Fabian Sambueza), Ivan Rojas (78′, Harold Rivera), Diego Valdes (88′, Mateo Puerta)


0-1, 48′: Dayron Mosquera1-1, 64′: Jaen Pineda1-2, 82′: wilfrido de la rosa


Referee: Alexis Herrera
VAR referee: Rodrigo Carvajal, Carlos Poblete Roa
Jean Franco Fuentes (3′,Yellow) matthew gate (13′,Yellow) Fabian Sambueza (20′,Yellow) julian millan (36′,Yellow) Kevin Brown (44′,Yellow) Marco Perez (45′,Yellow) Rivera (91′,Red)

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