Sandy Baltimore, convicted of assault by her ex-partner

He female PSG is rocked by a violence-related scandal yet again. This time the protagonist is a player from the first team, Sandy Baltimore. The soccer player, as has been advanced ‘RMC Sports‘, will have to pay a considerable economic amount after being accused of assault by the Court of Nanterre.

The events happened on the street Bois-Colombesto the north of Paris and near the river Senna. There, Sandy Baltimore attacked what was at that time her sentimental partner, whom she beat and assaulted. She has now been sentenced to pay 1,500 euros for the violent acts carried out last May, including 500 euros for non-material damage and 500 euros for physical abuse.

“He was a person that I liked a lot. But there were too many other things, lies and betrayals. It became a toxic relationship”, would have been a few words from what was Sandy Baltimore’s girlfriend to an acquaintance of the couple. This caused the player to end up hitting and assaulting her in the Parisian streets. An action that has not surprised within the entity, since it is not the first scandal with which the 23-year-old footballer is related.

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At first, it had been speculated that the attack had been carried out on a friend of hers. However, shortly after the sentence came to light, it was known that it was her ex-girlfriend who was the object of the blows from the front of the Paris Saint Germain.

This sentence comes just a few days after the qualifying round for Champions League. The Parisians are already preparing the duel against the Wolfsburg of the quarterfinals of the European tournament and it is a situation that could destabilize the club that is playing it in two weeks.

Protagonist of a fight with Hamraoui

Last April Sandy Baltimore also dominated the pages of the French sports media when he was the protagonist of a fight in one of the PSG training sessions. The forward ended up beating her partner Kheira Hamraoui. Everything happened while they waited to receive a lateral cross and, then, both got into a fight.

The tone rose with Baltimore, before Hamraoui put up a fight. The French international left the field and did not attend the trip to go to lyons. Shortly after, the club issued a statement confirming what happened on the pitch between the two players.

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