Russo Passapusso, Antônio Carlos and Jocafi perform – 09/03/2023 – Música em Letras

This Friday (10th) and Saturday (11th), at 9 pm, at the Paulo Autran Theater, at Sesc Pinheiros, in São Paulo, the presentation of the show “Alto da Maravilha”, led by the music producer and vocalist of the band BaianaSystem, takes place Russo Passapusso, together with the famous duo Antônio Carlos and Jocafi, which has more than 50 years of solid career.

The three Bahians show the repertoire of the eponymous album at the show, released in 2022, which was produced by Curumin, Zé Nigro and Lucas Martins. In the show’s repertoire, songs from the new album, such as “Mirê Mirê”, “Pitanga”, “Vapor de Cachoeira”, “Aperta o Pé”, “Catendê”, mixed with well-known songs by each artist, such as “Você Abusou”, “Glorioso Santo Antônio” and “Quem Vem Lá”, by Antonio Carlos and Jocafi, as well as “Paraquedas” and “Flor de Plástico”, both from Passapusso’s first album, “Paraíso da Miragem”, released in 2014.

On stage, Passapusso will be accompanied by Antônio Carlos and Jocafi (vocals), with a band formed by Curumin (drums and vocals), Zé Nigro (keyboards, synths and vocals), Lucas Martins (bass and vocals), Saulo Duarte (guitar and vocals), Loiá Fernandes (percussion), Edy Trombone (trombone and percussion) and maestro Ubiratan Marques (piano).

The duo Antônio Carlos and Jocafi began their career in 1969, at song festivals, and had great success in the 1970s with “Toró de Lágrimas” and “Kabaluerê”, as well as “Você Abusou”, a song that has more than 200 versions. in several languages ​​and is among the best known Brazilian compositions abroad.

Good show!


ARTISTS Russo Passapusso, Antonio Carlos and Jocafi

WHEN Friday (10) and Saturday (11), at 21:00

WHERE Teatro Paulo Autran, Sesc Pinheiros, r. Pais Leme, 195, Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, tel. (11) 3095-9400

HOW MUCH From BRL 15 to BRL 50

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