Rome – Royal Society | Europa League: Imanol: “These games are great for us”

imanol He gave a message of reality, as soon as he sat down in the press room. “Today it has been seen that these games are still great for us. If we give away what we have given away in both areas, we will not be able to compete against these teams. We have put it 2-0 almost on a platter”considered.

The coach did not see his team as bad in the global calculation of the game. “I think that between areas we have done many things well, against a great team, but obviously it is obvious that we have to improve in both areas because, No matter how good you are between them, if you are not forceful in them, there is nothing to do. It’s time to work to improve on it,” he said.

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Imanol believes that the 2-0 was more a demerit for his Real than a merit for Roma. “I was expecting a match like that and I think we’ve been good between areas, in phases I think we have done what we want, but it is useless to find superiorities if you do not take advantage of them. And then, if you give away what we have given away…”, he lamented.

Orio’s coach saw the key to the near elimination of his team being the chance missed at the end by Merino and the 2-0 win that Roma won right after. “I’m leaving angry because in minute 85 we had a very clear opportunity to tie and keep the tie alive, and just after we have given away the second goal. That can’t happen if we want to be big,” he said.

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