Goalless draw between franjirrojojs and leones at the Vallecas Stadium, in the match corresponding to matchday 24 of La Liga.

The figures in the goals of Stole Dimitrievsky and Julen Agirrezabala prevailed this Sunday in the duel between Vallecano Ray and Athletic Club in it Vallecas Stadiumin which neither was able to escape a bad dynamic in a goalless draw that was avoided in added time Nico Williams with a shot to the crossbar.

Rayo linked their fourth consecutive day without winning and Athletic the third in a duel full of equality on the twenty-fourth day of The league. Dimitrievski prevented the goal with a header at the pleasure of sancet at the first post and allied himself with the wood in one of the last actions of the match, in Nico’s left foot. Before repelled the shot of alvaro garcia for a Lightning that increased its danger with the entry into the final stretch of Raul de Tomaswho was not able to overcome a sure Agirrezabala.