Research wants to measure damage to Bolsonaro and Michelle’s potential – 09/03/2023

It will be the first survey carried out after the three main episodes involving Jair Bolsonaro after his defeat in the presidential elections.

Commissioned by the PL to Instituto Paraná, the research will have two objectives

  • The first is to measure the former president’s loss of political capital since his two-month imprisonment at the Alvorada Palace, the January 8 attacks and the Saudi jewelry scandal.
  • The second objective is to gauge the popularity of former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro, who Valdemar Costa Neto’s acronym dreams of launching into politics.

The party’s expectations for Bolsonaro are pessimistic. Allies of the former president estimate that he may have lost up to 10% of the approximately 30% of voters he retained until the first round of last year’s elections.

With this dehydration, Bolsonaro would move closer to what experts consider to be his hard core — 5% to 10% of the Brazilian electorate, the so-called “root Bolsonaristas”.

The eldest son of the former captain, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, even announced on Twitter that his father would return to the United States on March 15, where he has been since January. He denied and apologized fifteen minutes later, saying that, when the return date was confirmed, the former president himself would announce it.

Close advisers to Bolsonaro in Brazil are working with the possibility of him returning to the country only in April.

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