Real Madrid: Madrid suffers a lot in defense with Kroos and Modric together

Real Madrid really enjoys Kroos and Modric together in midfield when they have the ball at their feet and there is an opponent in front of them who doesn’t push them too hard. But when the one with the ball is the rival, which combines with speed when leaving in transition and crosses a lonely meadow through the wide area in which Tchouamni or Camavinga are barely able to hold opponents, the real

Madrid suffers a lot with Kroos and Modric together

. If that rival is a team without too much intensity or not too much quality like Diego Martínez’s team (who does a lot with what they have), the normal thing is that the whites end up winning the game due to their individual quality. But

If there is a bigger team up front, with plenty of talent and physique, Madrid goes through a lot of trouble and those oversights penalize it quite a bit.

. It gives the impression that the success or failure of the season will depend to a large extent on which side the balance unevens in the important games that remain for the whites, especially in the Champions League. Because

Ancelotti has made it clear that in those decisive stakes the two veterans are irreplaceable

. Against Espanyol, there was also the aggravating circumstance that the play that led to the 0-1 for the parakeets came from the left wing, where

Camavinga went through a true ordeal all afternoon. He was marked in the goal due to his failure to measure poorly with Rubn Sánchez, but in reality what is marked is the club’s sports planning.

Repeatedly resorting to a spectacular midfielder project to cover patches on the left wing

threatens the development of a youngster who can lose confidence with a couple more mistakes like yesterday,

logical errors when they force you to play out of position. Postscript:

25 days have passed since the scandal of the ‘Negreira case’ broke out

and no one from Barcelona has yet come out to give explanations and accept questions.

It is unsustainable that Laporta continue as president

no matter how much his has prescribed.

You do not have to wait for any trial because your intention to obtain arbitration benefits has already been demonstrated


The Barça partners should not tolerate so much discredit for their institution forcing him to resign.

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