Quique Llopis’s monumental scare after a tremendous fall

The Spaniard tripped over a fence when he was fighting for a medal in the 60-meter hurdles and put everyone’s heart in a fist. He has been transferred, already conscious, to the hospital.


Attention to Llopis.

Quique Llopis deserved great international success after a multitude of moments that could almost be classified as bad luck if one believes in it. He arrived in Istanbul with the second-best mark of the year and the responsibility of pulling stripes in the test in the absence of the European champion and world bronze medalist, Asier Martínez at the last minute. The Spaniard passed the first round and semifinals with solvency to reach the grand final as one of the main favorites. He shot and when he was fighting over the metals he tripped over the fifth fence, hitting the ground tremendously.


The Swiss Joseph celebrated the gold (7.41), but suddenly everyone turned their heads because Llopis was still lying down and it seemed as if he had even lost consciousness. A judge quickly called for medical help and the next three minutes turned into tremendous tension. The toilets came to the Spanish hurdles sprinter and ordered to cover the situation with blankets so that no one could see what was happening.


After many seconds of great tension, everything rose and Llopis seemed to raise a thumb, lowering the tension and making it clear that although he may suffer injuries, his vital condition was not in danger, although, evidently, he was transferred on a stretcher waiting to see his condition and the pertinent tests in the hospital to which he was accompanied, already conscious, by the medical services of the RFEA and the championship. Quique has been left without a medal, but after the scare that passes into the background.

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