Prison sentences for those responsible for the party that left more than 130 dead in Indonesia

The punishments of the tragedy that devastated Indonesia last October. In total, 135 people lost their lives in the incidents that occurred in the stadium of kanjuruhanfrom the province of East Java. After a long investigation process, the main culprits of the events that occurred have known their sentences.

The two indicated arehe president of the organizing committee of the club arema, adbull harrisand the head of stadium security, Suko Sutrisno. Both have learned that they will have to go to jail as a penalty after the investigations carried out in the trial for the tragedy, the local media reported. Detik.

The most punished has been Adbul Harris, who will have to serve one year and six months in prison. On the other hand, Suko Sutrismo has received a year in prison as a result of a tragedy that shocked the world and where more than a thousand were injured. Both were found guilty of negligence by the court of Surabaya. However, the Prosecutor’s Office claimed for them six years and 8 months as punishment.

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Both the president of the organizing committee and the head of stadium security are marked by a high level of guilt in the tragic events that occurred in the stadium. The decisions made were placed under the spotlight, especially that of launching tear gas at many of the fans at the sports venue.

In addition, there are also other personalities awaiting a final sentence. These are the commander of a East Java Police Mobile Squad, hasdarmawan; he head of Malang Police Operations section, Wahyu Setyo Pranotoand the Malang Police Chief, Bambang Sidik Achmadi.

“Police brutality”

What happened after the final whistle of the match between arema and the Persebaya Surabaya Last October left one of the most important tragedies experienced in the world of football. The 2-3 defeat of the former unleashed their fans, who decided to take revenge on their own. They invaded the grass and many of them perished due to suffocation, trauma and after being trampled by the other people who were in the stampede.

However, under the spotlight was “police brutality” to stop the around 3,000 fans who left the stands to jump onto the pitch. This caused an avalanche that ended with more than 130 deaths in the stadium. The police’s use of tear gas caused an outburst of madness among the supporters.

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The use of it caused many people to suffer the effects of the gas and were affected by the lack of air to breathe, generating a situation of chaos and panic among the crowd. In addition, its use is prohibited in sports stadiums, as pointed out by FIFA. The body chaired by Gianni Infantino decided to open a parallel investigation to that of the Indonesian Justice to clarify everything that had happened in the Kanjuruhan stadium. However, the police present there ignored the prohibition that prevailed.

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