PRI senators acknowledge tension within the caucus after change of coordinator » Newsspade

Given the replacement in the coordination of the PRI Parliamentary Groupits members recognized that a tense situation and what is necessary dialogue within.

the senator nuvia mayorgaclose to Miguel Angel Osorio ChongHe admitted that the problem is not the new bench coordinator, Manuel Anorvebut the national leader of the party, Alejandro ‘Alito’ Moreno.

The Hidalgo senator clarified that Haven’t made any decision about his permanence on the bench, but said that we must wait to see the attitude assumed by Añorve himself.

However, he said that it is well known that the change that was made in the coordination of the bench was on the instructions of ‘Alito’, because Osorio Chong He openly confronted him and expressed what many PRI members feel, which is rejection of the extension of his mandate.

When asked about if you recognize the leadership of Manuel Añorve at the head of the bench are the senators of the PRI, Mayorga assured that yes and insisted that the obstacle for the party and even for the country is ‘Alito’.

“Yes, of course, for us There is no problem, if that was the decision, go ahead. The theme is Alejandro Moreno, that’s the theme, it’s a political decision“, said.

The former president of the Institutional Revolutionary, Beatrice Paredeswho endorsed the change in coordinationexpressed his confidence that dialogue be privileged in the relay process.

Above all, he said, it must be avoided that there is a rout of other senators of the tricolor.

“I will be very respectful of the decisions of My mates and my companions, I hope that don’t take that pathbut we are all adults, I appreciate their talent, they undoubtedly enrich this bench and have a relevant space in the Senatehopefully that be your analysisI have had to be a coordinator at many times and then be one more legislator and I have assumed that circumstance with humility ”, he declared.

the senator Sylvana Beltrones closed the debate on the coordination of the Parliamentary Group, because it considered that it had already been they made the decisions and it’s time to get to work.

However, he acknowledged that new coordinatorManuel Añorve faces the challenge of reconciling internal differences and also strengthening the role of the PRI inside the containment block.

“Well, I think that Senator Añorve has major challenges aheadwhere they will have to reconcile these differences that already exist, but also assume the leadership within what the bloc is and also strengthen ourselves as the opposition and also strengthen ourselves so that the best results come out in the elections of State of Mexico and Coahuila”, he expressed.


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