Prepare To Bear The Consequence

The acclaimed official page of the Nogokpo shrine has finally replied to Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare for making claims that the town is the headquarters of demons.

The Nogokpo shrine first reacted to the viral video of Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare making the statement.

“Dear Archbishop Charles Agyinasare our religion does not accept lies, fake prophecies, defrauding people under false pretense, extorting monies from people in the name of taking them to “heaven” which does not exist, taking taxpayers and innocent citizens money to build worthy homes, burry things or make sacrifices to get more members, we do not lose our focus to be preaching other religions rather than focusing on our ethics.”

They then further sent a stern message to the Archbishop

“He who beats the war drum must be ready to dance accordingly. The same demonic headquarters are the places you pastors come to more members and powers to do your “church businesses”. “

Interesting days ahead.

Nogokpo Replies Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare

Check out the video and screenshot of the Nogokpo Shrine’s reply to the Archbishop below:


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