Portuguese two-time champions assume happiness and emotion on the podium: Athletics/Europeans

Pedro Pablo Pichardo and Auriol Dongmo took on the happiness and emotion felt today on the podium of the European Indoor Athletics Championships, a day after becoming two-time champions in the triple jump and shot put, respectively.

The two revalidated on Friday the titles won in Torun2021, with the 17.60 meters of the new national record by Pichardo, which is the best world mark of the year, and the 19.76 by Dongmo, the highest throw by a European woman in 2023.

“Now I can say that the medal is ours. He’s already going home, to our country. I’m very happy to be on the top step of the podium, it’s a thrill and I’m very grateful and satisfied with the work I’ve done. I am very happy with my team, with my coach”, said Pichardo.

The 29-year-old Benfica athlete added his second consecutive European indoor title to the Olympic, world and European outdoor gold medals, admitting that this title is tastier, as it is the last one, for now.

“The last one tastes better, but I hope the last one is only when I finish my career and I still don’t have it in my head. At that time, the first and last will be the most striking, and I think they will have a different flavor ”, she acknowledged.

Already thinking about the outdoor season, Pichardo points to the World Championships, in Budapest, in August, when he will defend the title won in Oregon2022, and also the Diamond League as “the two main objectives”, while expressing his gratitude .

“I really appreciate the affection of all the people, of all of Portugal. I am very grateful to the country, to the club, because it is thanks to Benfica that I am in Portugal”, he stressed.

Five minutes after Pichardo climbed to the top of the podium, flanked by the Greek Nikolaos Andrikopoulos and the German Max Hess, second and third respectively, it was the turn of Auriol Dongmo, echoing, once again, the national anthem at the Ataköy Arena .

“I felt very proud. I’m very proud of myself, of my work and of my coach [Paulo Reis], it’s the result of a lot of sacrifice and hard work, I’m very happy”, assumed the pitcher, already with the gold medal on her chest.

At the age of 32, the Sporting athlete added her second European title to the world championship on an indoor track, in a competition in which the German Sara Gambeta was second and the Swedish Fanny Roos third.

“This title means a lot to me. Because it was a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice, and winning twice in a row is not easy, but this was a goal and I have to keep working because there is much more to win”, he launched.

Dongmo dedicated this medal to those closest to him: “I dedicate it to my husband and my son, first, but I also have a family, in addition to my biological one, which is Ana Lopes’ family, who support me a lot, and also to my coach. I have no words for them. It is to them that I owe everything I am achieving now.”

Pichardo and Dongmo won the triple jump and shot put gold medals on Friday at the 37th edition of the European Indoor Athletics Championships, taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, until Sunday, in two competitions in which two Portuguese finished in fourth place, the case of Tiago Pereira and Jessica Inchude, respectively.

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