Plano Geral Podcast: Oscar ceremony has favorites, but should keep some surprises – 07/03/2023

This week’s General Plan brings everything about the Oscar favorites, whose ceremony will be held this Sunday, March 12, with broadcast on TNT and streaming on HBO Max. We invited the critic, filmmaker and producer Felipe Haurelhuk, from the Meu Tio Oscar channel, to put together our prize pool of guesses. (listen from 0min25)

This season’s hottest film, “Everything and Everywhere at the Same Time” has emerged as a favorite for best picture with 11 nominations. Among them, some are considered guaranteed, such as Best Original Screenplay. But the film has also been named as a favorite for the night’s main award, Best Picture. Directed by the duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the Daniels, who bring the agile language of the universe of music videos to a cinema that dares both in narrative and in language, “Everything in Every Place at the Same Time” runs the risk of also taking the Oscar for Best Direction and overthrow the master Steven Spielberg, who competes in seven categories, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, in addition to Best Screenplay. (listen in 29min)

In the episode, Thiago Stivaletti proposed a fun exercise and asked Flavia Guerra and Felipe Haurelhuk about the first Oscar ceremony they remember. “The first time I understood the Oscar better was when Federico Fellini was honored, in 1993, I remember that he already called my attention and I already knew, of course, the Oscar, but that was an edition that left an impression on me because I understood better what game”, commented Flavia. (listen from 7min32).

Thiago Stivaletti recalls that, in 1989, he watched “Dangerous Liaisons” and was rooting for Glen Close to take the Best Actress award for the film, but that Jodie Foster was the winner for “The Accused”. “I hadn’t seen the movie at the cinema because it had a more difficult theme, I was only ten years old and I didn’t see it. And when she, Jodie won, I was outraged. But, a few years later, I discovered Jodie Foster in “Silence dos Inocentes” and I’m in love to this day”, he said. Felipe Haurelhuk recalls that the first Oscar he remembers was in 1998, when “Titanic”, directed by none other than James Cameron, who competed this year for Best Film with the phenomenon “Avatar 2 – O Caminho da Água”, but does not compete for Best Direction.

Regarding the general panorama of the 2023 Oscar, Felipe analyzes that the Hollywood Academy has once again insisted on including major projects among the nominees for Best Film. “We have exactly ten nominees. Of these, three are huge: the third highest grossing of all time, “Avatar 2”, “Top Gun” and “Elvis”, the second highest grossing musical of all time”, commented the creator of My Uncle Oscar.

“We also have films that come from the festival career, like “Tar”, “The Banshees of Inisherim”. It’s a good crop. I don’t think “Everything in Everywhere” will age well. I like the movie. I think which is a very strong symptom of time, with the audiovisual narratives we have today. But I think it’s one of those that seem modern when they are released, but in five years it will seem old”, analyzed Felipe.

Thiago observes that even those who are not big fans of “Tudo em Todo Lugar” recognize the film’s qualities, starting with the mixture of genres. “The film is comedy, it’s action, it’s about a family film, it has dramatic issues, marital crisis, generational conflict, with the lesbian daughter that the family doesn’t accept. It’s a great blender that the directors handle very well. The people they just didn’t expect to get 11 nominations.” (listen in 15min)

The conversation about the 2023 Oscars has been going on for a long time and the dispute is a little more fierce in the directing categories (Spielberg or the Daniels), actor (Austin Butler from “Elvis” or Brendan Fraser from the controversial “The Whale”, who is also a favorite in the category for Best Makeup and Hair), in addition to being an actress. Michelle Yeoh, from “Everything in Everywhere” can take and consecrate the Asian talent? Or is the already doubly awarded Cate Blanchett the one who will take “Tár”? (listen in 33min30).

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