Plano Geral Podcast: “A Baleia” and “Mato Seco em Chamas” warm up movie theaters after Carnival – 02/23/2023

This week’s General Plan brings the highlights of cinema that warm up the circuit in the post-Carnival and pre-Oscars, which will be delivered on the next 12th. of the year, unites documentary and science fiction to tell the story of the sisters Chitara and Léa, leaders of a female gang, the Gasolineiras de Kebradas, who refine stolen gasoline in Ceilândia, on the outskirts of Brasília. (listen from 1min38).

Directed by the Brazilian Ardiley Queirós and the Portuguese Joana Pimenta, the film opens the 2023 Session Vitrine and hits the screens in Brazil after going through dozens of festivals around the world, including the Berlin Festival 2022 and the Brasília Festival 2022, where won six Kikitos. Thiago Stivaletti and Flavia Guerra spoke with the filmmakers and commented more on the mix between documentary and fiction and also on how science fiction is a genre that can and should be further explored in Brazilian cinema. (listen from 39min25)

For Ardiley, who directed films such as “Branco Sai Preto Fica” and “A Cidade é uma Só”, making fiction is a way of reinventing the world, which starts from reality, but brings new proposals. “Science fiction allows us to reinvent our memory as well, what we wanted to be something else, as a city, society, territory, we wanted to be something else too. And this genre, for me, has a lot of this function . It is where we can reinvent our memory in terms of the potential that we have and the place that we saw and lived, the films that we saw, which is not necessarily the same place of an institutional cinephilia, of the canon, which I like it too, but it’s not necessarily the place you’re thinking of when you’re making movies,” Ardiley commented. (listen from 42min15).

“Science fiction is this place where we have a lot of freedom to create, to deal with people in a different grammar because it already says that, because we invent language. Science fiction only exists as a reinvention of the And for me it only makes sense to make films like this”, added the filmmaker who grew up and films Ceilândia, its people, its riches and contradictions since his first film.

The whale

Already in international premieres, highlight for the controversial “The Whale”, which features Brendan Fraser in the role of Charlie, a professor of literature who suffers from morbid obesity and faces serious health problems. He lives isolated in a small apartment and has little time to live, but he is willing to try to get along with his teenage daughter, with whom he lost contact after a traumatic separation from the girl’s mother. (listen from 9min47)

Charlie’s journey is riddled with guilt, pain, resentment, but filled with humanity. For the role, Fraser has received several awards, including the SAG Award, the award given by the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the union of actors for TV, film and other TV and radio professionals, and is a favorite for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

“The Whale” is directed by Darren Aronofsky, who signs hits like “Black Swan” and “Requiem for a Dream” and always portrays characters who dive deep into journeys that often bring experiences of self-destruction, but also self-knowledge. and redemption.


In streaming, Frenchman Vincent Cassel stars in the spy series “Connections”. In the plot, he plays a spy who gets involved in a complicated mission in which he finds a love from the past with an agent played by Eva Green. Directed by Stephen Hopkins, of the award-winning “24 Hours”, the series is the first French and English speaking series for Apple TV +. (listen from 27min07)

In conversation with Flavia, Cassel, who insisted on speaking Portuguese, commented that he also voiced his character in the Brazilian version of the series and that his relationship with Brazil is deep and important. “I have a house in the country, I always come back. Every time I have the opportunity, I go at least for a week. Brazil is part of my life”, said the actor. (listen from 30min34).

For Cassel, in addition to being an intelligent spy series, “Connections” features female characters that are out of the ordinary. “Women like this series a lot because the female roles are very strong. In addition to Eva’s role, all the other female characters are strong. A rare thing”, analyzed the actor.

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