Piranhaconda (2012) Film Explained & Summarized

Piranhaconda (2012) Thriller film explained. The American Thriller Horror film “Piranhaconda: Deadly Enemy of Humans” tale summarized with a complete finishing explanation. The plot is ready a massive monster that resembles a Piranha fish and a Green anaconda snake. It is residing quite simply on an island. When people visit that region for medical research, IT make each second individual its prey. A professor discovers a few mysterious eggs. As he is ready to pick it up, a strong snake seems from the water and swallows his group member. The diverse corporations of human beings are then depicted on this island. They all emerge as meals for that humongous snake that crawls at breakneck speed. Except for “Jack” and “Rose,” it hunts them one via way of means of one. Then they bravely use a few hints to kill that giant Piranaconda. It can be gigantic. However, people can shape it with their minds and skills.

In Short :

“A rogue scientist discovers an egg that belongs to a baleful hybrid monster, Piranhaconda. Mayhem ensues when Piranhaconda hunts for its unborn child, annihilating everything in its wake.”

Piranhaconda (2012) Movie Trailer :

Piranhaconda (2012) Film Explanation –

It is seen at the start of the film that,
A professor was going to a forest for research with his team by helicopter.
Where they find many eggs beside a lake.
Professor gets excited, seeing them.
Now professor was locking one of the eggs in a jar to take it with him.
At the same time, a giant snake appears from the lake.
It was piranha and anaconda hybrid. It means “Piranhaconda”.
This “Piranhaconda” victimizes the professor’s team, appearing from the lake.
But the professor escapes from there.
After this, it is seen when the pilot of the helicopter glimpses “Piranhaconda,”
He begins to fly a helicopter from here.
But “Piranhaconda” attacks the helicopter.
As a result, the helicopter is crashed. Professor was got worried, seeing the helicopter.
Because it was only a way to escape from here.

The scene moves to that forest where the shooting of a movie was going on.
And many people were working with the movie director.
Then the two movie workers “Jack” and “Rose” are also seen there.
Who was talking with each other?
And it is also known that they both are close friends.
Then a girl appears there who was asking about the light meter.
“Rose,” tells her that it is at the bank of the lake.
As that girl was searching for that light meter near the bank of the lake,
“Piranhaconda” appears there. That girl cannot detect its arrival.
As she looks up after lifting the light meter,
She is terrified, seeing “Piranhaconda.” she runs to the forest while shouting.

But “Piranhaconda” also pursues her here. And it swallows that girl’s half leg as she falls.
So she could not walk, and she was also finding it difficult to walk and save herself.
Then “Piranhaconda” swallows her while attacking her.
Now “Jack” and “Rose” again come on the scene.
Where “Rose” was telling him about her research on “Piranhaconda.”
But “Jack” does not believe in her words.
She tells “Jack” that it has been seen in the forest just now.
But “Jack” ignores it, making fun of it.

One girl was moving to that lake to take a bath.
“Piranhaconda” suddenly attacks her.
That girl screams as she sees “Piranhaconda.”
But “Piranhaconda” swallows her completely at a time.
Now the professor is shown who notices a mill.
But a gang member grabs him, coming there.
Professor explains to the criminals that it is not safe for us to stay here.
I will hand you over the money that you need.
But we should flee from here. They began to laugh at his told story.
They lock him in the mill.
The criminals find an egg jar while checking the professor’s bag, which he had found near the lake.
A new researcher team is also seen in the movie.
They had arrived in the forest to take a weed flower
To create ease for curing the human physical problems.
That researcher parts from her team in search of that flower.
On the other side, that doctor’s team members get those flowers.

They hear the loud shouting of the doctor.
They were leaving after taking this flower then “Piranhaconda” reaches there.
It victimizes both of them badly, surrounding them.
Now the sight of the film shooting is shown. It is seen that,
An actress comes near the lake to memorize the script.
Where she glimpses “Piranhaconda.”
And she runs from there. Now that “Piranhaconda” was after her.
One more “Piranhaconda” appears there before that “Piranhaconda” attacks her.
It reveals that there is not only one “Piranhaconda” but two.
And they both attack together to swallow that girl.
Consequently, that girl is dismembered. In this way, she faces a pathetic death.
Now “Jack” is seen who was beside the action director of the movie.
That action director teaches “Jack” to explode the blasting caps.
They are exploded after throwing to the ground.

On the other side, the movie’s director is seen who is telling all that,
This movie’s investors have refused to invest in it.
So we will have to stop the film shooting. Hearing it, all feel sad.
They all encountered the criminals when they were returning from there.
All were feared, witnessing them.
So one of the criminals fires his gun on the foot of the director.
They are more afraid due to this. And they begin to carry out their orders.
But “Jack” and that action director throw those blasting caps on the ground.
Which are exploded, and they escape from there.
Some of the criminals begin to chase both of them.
The other criminals grab the cell phone from the rest of their team members.
And they go, taking them. “Jack” and Gunner director.

There were some of those gang members after them.
They both decide that they will escape parting from each other.
So those criminals’ attention may be diverted.
There was a criminal after that action director. He kills him with the help of a piece of wood.
On the other side, “Jack” jumps into a lake while running.
But the man who was chasing him was constantly firing his gun at him.
But “jack” survives because of being under the water.
Now “Piranhaconda” reaches here, and it swallows the pursuer criminal after “jack.”
Here “Jack” is rescued from that criminal, but he cannot glimpse “Piranhaconda.”
But he knew that there is a monster here.

He runs away, feeling fear from it. One of the gang members finds the camera of the professor.
They watch the “Piranhaconda” in its video recording. And they are scared.
Now a couple was being seen while enjoying on the island.
When that boy moves to the forest,
He becomes the victim of “Piranhaconda.”
His friend was feeling fear because of his not reaching the spot even after a long time.
But she overcomes her fear because she thinks that,
Her friend is pranking with her. That criminal says to his head here,
We will not fight with any snake. Then he reveals that it is not a snake,
It is “Piranhaconda.” He also says with it that we should leave this egg.
Because that “Piranhaconda” can arrive at us while searching for this egg.
But their head does not do this and keeps that egg in his possession.
Because he thinks that a lot of money can be attained after selling this egg.
One of the criminals records a video, making three of them sit.

He says that We will kill three of them, finding no penny within three days.
“Rose” is seen in the same scene. Who calls that criminal towards her.
And she flees after entrapping and attacking him.
Being aggressive, that criminal sends his man after her.
“Rose” reaches beside the lake while running.
There are the eggs of “Piranhaconda.” “Rose” gets worried, seeing those eggs.
Meanwhile, that criminal man arrives there.
He is going to assault her. Suddenly, “Piranhaconda” appears there.
And it victimizes that man. “Rose” returns, witnessing it.
Contrarily, “Jack” and his partner had also reached the mill.
Where they thought that their companions had been imprisoned there.
As they see through the binoculars. Then they glimpse “Rose ” there.

“Jack” is seen who was firing his gun and killing criminals.
And Jack’s partner fixes a bomb in that mill.
On the other side, “Jack” has brought all outside, rescuing them.
The director whose foot had been shot, he says,
I will not be able to walk. I will stop those criminals, stopping here.
“Jack” hands a gun over to that director here, and he runs, taking all other companions.
They had not yet reached the car that criminals start to fire their guns on them.
And those members also react to it f firing their guns.
There is a great battle among them. At the same time, “Piranhaconda” arrives here.
Then all begin to shoot “Piranhaconda,” forgetting fight.
But it does not cause any harm. It eats a female member of the criminals at first sight.
And they all are scared, observing it.

On the other side, Jack’s partner, who had fixed the bomb in that mill,
He detonates that bomb.
That mill is destroyed. But he is also died, receiving a shot of a gun by someone.
Now it is seen that they were escaping from there, driving away their car.
But “Piranhaconda” was also after them. That criminal who had survived at that time,
He chases them, riding on the bike.
“Piranhaconda” appears before them, moving speedily in another way.
“Jack” stops the car for a while. And they are scared.
But “Jack” starts to drive the car now.
All were very scared much. Because no one had the knowledge that,
What is going to happen? At the same time, that criminal attacks their car with the rocket bomb.
It strikes “Piranhaconda,” leaving it injured.
At the same time, the other “Piranhaconda” appears there.

It kills the first “Piranhaconda,” finding it feeble.
Jack’s car is gone out of order, moving ahead.
As a result, they get worried too much because they had no other way.
Then that professor informs them about a boat.
He also tells them that he is unaware of that boat.
So they will have to search for that boat on foot.
Now the director comes on the scene. It had been witnessed as he had survived.
He finds that lady on the way who had been seen on the island.
She tells him that I am waiting for my friend.
Here the director begins to explain to him that that giant snake had eaten his friend.
Disagreeing with the director, that girl moves amid the forest to see her friend.
And she glimpses many eggs near the lake.

That director tells her that these eggs surely belong to “Piranhaconda.”
That girl starts to crack all those eggs in aggression, using a stick.
At the same time, “Piranhaconda” arrives there.
It attacks that man and eats his whole body except his feet.
That girl had panicked, witnessing “Piranhaconda.”
And she was screaming. Then “Piranhaconda” eats her half body.
“Jack” and his companions had succeeded in searching for a boat.
Now they notice the egg jar in the bag of that professor while sailing on that boat.
And they say, You had said that it could come after us due to this egg.
And the professor declares here that I will study on it!
Here they come to know that the professor cannot leave this egg.
A criminal shoots Jack’s shoulder here. So his shoulder is wounded.

Those criminals did not want the money.
Now he wanted to kill that “Piranhaconda.” “Jack” restores his trust that,
We can end that “Piranhaconda.” Meantime, “Piranhaconda” appears there,
And it begins to eat the members of the criminal one by one.
There, Jack’s one of the companions say; I bring those weapons!
You and “Rose” may escape from here!
At the same time, “Piranhaconda” reaches near her, eating everyone.
And it also victimizes her. There, “Rose” had stressed, witnessing these happenings.
“Jack” encourages her and also says, and I can finish it!
He says to “Rose, Move to the boat! When “Rose” was proceeding towards the boat,
The professor was nearly to flee, taking this boat.
She sails on that boat, stopping the professor.

Now that professor would sail that boat saying, Now “Jack” will also meet his end!
On the other side, “Jack” is seen,
Who leaves with weapons to end “Piranhaconda,” riding on a four-wheeler bike.
But “Piranhaconda” was chasing the professor through the water. “Rose,” says to the professor,
We should throw this egg! And she begins to throw it while lifting.
Professor says to her, and Egg is the most important!
It may be recorded in history. Despite it, “Rose” throws it into the water.
Now that professor reverses that boat to take the egg back.
As the professor was going to take the egg out of the water,
“Rose” pushes him into the water. She leaves, possessing that egg.
“Piranhaconda” eats the professor in the water here.
“Rose” reaches “Jack,” taking that egg.

They reach near the lake, taking this egg back.
They trickly fix a bomb inside the egg.
As “Piranhaconda” begins to proceed them.
They throw that egg towards “Piranhaconda.”
And “Piranhaconda” swallows that egg.
That bomb is blasted in the mouth of “Piranhaconda,” leaving it wounded.
“Rose” and “Jack” had fallen into the water while throwing that bomb towards “Piranhaconda.”
So they both had survived. Now they were excited they as being survivors.
But it is noticed here that “Piranhaconda” was still alive.

And thus movie ends here.



Initial release: 16 June 2012

Director: Jim Wynorski

Source: AWP and Tiberius Films

Screenplay | written by: Mike MacLean

Director ‏ : ‎ Jim Wynorski

Media Format ‏ : ‎ PAL

Run time ‏ : ‎ 82 minutes

Release date ‏ : ‎ January 7, 2013

Actors ‏ : ‎ Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter, Rib Hillis, Terri Ivens, Chris De Christopher

Producers ‏ : ‎ Piranhaconda (2012)

Language ‏ : ‎ English (Dolby Digital 2.0)

Studio ‏ : ‎ Chelsea Films


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