Pintard calls for loyalty at constituency meeting – Eye Witness News

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Free National Movement (FNM) leader Michael Pintard urged party supporters to “pull together” last night, underscoring the importance of loyalty to the party over personal ambitions.

Pintard addressed supporters at a Centreville Constituency Association meeting Tuesday night. “We have to be more loyal to the party and the team than to our own personal ambitions,” he said.

“There will be times when things don’t work out for us individually, and some days we have to suck it up because there are crises bigger than our personal situations. This is not a license for an organization to abuse its people, but it is to say that sometimes we have to look beyond our personal issues and see what is good for the party and, more importantly, the country.”

Pintard said: “I will never leave the organization that you and I helped to build. Not only will I not leave it, but I will seek not to behave in a manner that would damage the organization that I helped to build. It’s bigger than any one man. It’s bigger than any one woman. We have a government steeped in victimization, and if we are going to fight, we have to fight together. We have a government that is creating opportunities for a select few. If we are going to expose them and ensure that they live by fair play, we have to pull together. We have a government that tells untruths, and we have to fact-check them.”

During his address, Pintard also stressed the need for and commitment to address the issue of land reform in the country.

“We are not seeking to win for winning’s sake, but to change lives, and land reform is a part of it,” said Pintard.

“The truth is that too many mothers are burying their children, not just their sons but also their daughters. What we need are solutions that help our young people to resolve conflicts and opportunities so that their heads are not bursting with frustration when bills come and hungry children are at home.”

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