Patricia Donoso makes the final decision on her continuity

The contestants of ‘Survivors 2023‘ They have only been living together for a week in Dirty calluses. After many comings and goings Patricia Donoso, his companions were tired of his desire to leave the contest. Jorge Javier Vázquez has given the ‘celebrity’ an ultimatum to take a decision about your future.

In ‘Conexión Honduras’ with Ion Aramendi, Donoso did his first hint of abandonment. The collaborator held out until Tuesday and asked to leave the contest again. After a new negotiation, she returned to the beach with her island companions.

Patricia Donoso and her colleagues, in ‘Survivientes 2023’

Telecinco Capture

The collaborator of ‘Save me‘, who seemed to be taking this situation as a joke, has finally decided leave the contest. The presenter asked her to be clear and make way for a substitute that his could fit into the group.

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Another hint of abandonment

“I don’t feel well because the sand fleas have bitten me. Mentally I don’t feel very well either.I don’t feel very comfortable”, have been the words of Katerina Safarovawho has asked to leave the program.

Jorge Javier has reproached her for wanting to leave the contest: “Katerina, honestly, I’m very close I don’t see you. I see you ready to enter a ‘Privilege’ session in Ibiza. Physically you are great. Being bitten by mosquitoes is normal in Honduras. The contest is probably tough, yes, but tell me the first week…”

Katerina Safarova, in 'Survivors 2023'

Katerina Safarova, in ‘Survivors 2023’

Telecinco Capture

The organization had prepared a call from his father and asked him to hold on a little longer: “Show yourself what you’re worth and what you’ll be worth.”. Although not very convinced, Katerina has decided to hold out a little longer in the contest: “I’m going to give myself a week“. By your statements, you can change your mind in the next few hours.

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