Parities, births and deliveries, by Isabel Gómez Melenchón

I open Twitter and it has indeed worked its magic: the first tweet that comes my way is from a clinic offering discounts for pelvic floor treatment. It is the day of the Working Woman and the Three Wise Men throw candy at us from the float, without thinking, or yes, that more than one will get hit in the eye.

Ernesto Guzman / Efe

The celebration, a way of speaking, of our day, whether we are animal, vegetable or thing, is usually accompanied by little gifts to make life more pleasant, be it the distribution of feminine hygiene products (we will continue to call them that, that it is for people non-binary women who menstruate and so on, does not fit into the orientation posters of the supermarket, those that indicate where the chocolate or detergent are), or in the laws of parity, whose sound proximity with calving succeed in the networks.

I suspect that they are thinking in a political and not etymological key: in case it was the second, tell them, angelicos, that parity comes from Latin paritas and means equality. First hoax, or nonsense, to take for granted, although I can understand that the concept of calving is linked to that of Birth with synthetic oxytocin, given the speed with which it has emerged from the electoral womb (two months for the municipal ones), whether or not the laws menstruate.

The networks, from the outset, are in favor of the births

Are the networks for or against parity? Well, from the outset, they are in favor of the paridas, how tiresome, in their meaning of shit, It’s lucky that the AIs are about to close our mouths, that Hal comes at once. While he arrives, and in this return to the future, Rocío Jurado, the singer, appears with feminist statements ahead of the page well, what was then understood by feminism, and then the daughter, with whatever (that is understood).

A lot of macho making fun of women having a place on the boards of directors and that, as if any of them in particular could be the competition of, for example, a neutrino, not neutral, but small. Also a lot of Irene Montero, and a lot of extreme left, surprise, to add that the important thing is not gender, but how power is exercised. I may have misunderstood it, because this new reflection is not…

Also quite Yolanda Díaz and Nadia Calviño, like trending, and enough Marie Curie, that some joy had to give us the network. Didn’t the scientist have a quota? Wow, the ditto does not last long in the house of the poor thing.

Someone asks if the 40% reserve will also be applied to asphalt roads at 40 degrees. Among the answers is not the obvious one: no one should be paving or doing other physical work at these temperatures.

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