Paris 2024: tickets deemed too expensive

For some sports enthusiasts, tickets are overpriced for the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Complex, disappointing, overpriced, incomprehensible… so many reproaches formulated against the ticketing of the Paris Olympics in 2024. Like thousands of people, Julien Miloé received a message of congratulations: he has access to the purchasing platform. But once on the site, it’s a cold shower. “I’m disappointed and I decided not to go. And I’m even disgusted because in the end we were told that it was going to be a popular Game,” says Julien Miloé, a sports enthusiast. He discovers that he must compose a pack with the obligation to buy tickets for three different sports.

Other places will go on sale on May 11
Worse: the cheapest offers are no longer accessible. “I’m not ready to pay hundreds of euros to discover sports that don’t necessarily interest me,” says Julien Miloé. For its part, the organization of the Games highlights that a third of the budget comes from the ticket office and recalls that one million tickets at 24 euros have been put on sale, and more than four million at 50 euros or less. Other places will go on sale on May 11, individually this time.

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