Palmeiras standout in rankings, Tabata avoids comparisons with Scarpa

Camisa 11 do Verdão talked about differences in style in relation to the former midfielder

On Saturday night (11), Palmeiras defeated São Bernardo by 1-0 at Allianz Parque and qualified for the semifinal of the Paulista championship. In the mixed zone after the match, Bruno Tabata, who was in the starting lineup and had a great performance, spoke about confidence and answered about comparisons with Gustavo Scarpa, a former Verdão player who is currently in England.

Bruno Tabata had a great performance against São Bernardo. (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras)

Photo: Lance!

Palmeiras’ number 11 played his best match since arriving at the club, being Verdão’s main highlight, especially in the first half. Tabata was new in coach Abel Ferreira’s initial team, who opted to leave Endrick and Giovani on the bench.

– Very happy for the opportunity and for corresponding. The most important thing is that Palmeiras advanced. And my week was really good. I felt that, I felt that she was very good. The player, when he is not in a sequence, which is difficult because he loses pace and confidence, with the fans not having so much confidence because they see less play, it is difficult to enter. I always stayed confident and prepared to do my best when I had the opportunity – said the player.

– It’s difficult when you bring a player to replace one who was still at the club, like Scarpa. Last year I arrived, and Palmeiras was winning everything, not losing, and I came from football six years away. But I know my worth. I played in big clubs, played in big championships and won titles. So I know my quality and potential, I knew I just needed to train and wait for my moment.

Bruno Tabata insisted on saying that he has different characteristics from Scarpa and that the Portuguese coach recognizes this difference, trusting his own style of play.

– I’m a midfielder who plays on the flanks, I manage to combine the midfield with the wingers well and sometimes I can be a little sharp. I’ve done this my entire career. Anyway, Abel knows where he can count on me, he knows my characteristics. As I said, Scarpa left, and he had other characteristics even though we played in the same role. Tabata is Tabata. I, in my career, have never been a game-changer. I think we have players with these characteristics – concluded Verdão’s number 11.

Now, Palmeiras is preparing to face the fourth worst campaign in the state in the semifinals. The match, which will be played at Allianz Parque also in a single game, is scheduled for the weekend of March 18th and 19th, with dates and times yet to be defined by the CBF.

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