Other Saudi gifts went to Bolsonaro’s collection – 07/03/2023 – Bruno Boghossian

The Presidency cataloged more than 9,000 gifts received by Jair Bolsonaro in four years. In addition to key chains, pens, football shirts and paintings listed in the collection, jewelry from Saudi Arabia valued at R$ 16.5 million and seized by the Revenue upon arrival in Brazil were excluded, as revealed by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo .

Other packages offered by the kingdom, however, were incorporated into the president’s collection, according to records from the GADH (Adjunct Office of Historical Documentation), linked to Bolsonaro’s team.

The first gift from the Saudis was received in 2019 and entered the presidential collection on November 11 of that year, days after Bolsonaro traveled to the country. According to the document, the kit contained a watch, cufflinks, a ring, a pen and some kind of rosary.

The package, according to the listing, consists of the same items that were delivered in October 2021 to the entourage of the then Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque. Such as Sheet showed, the gifts from the Swiss brand Chopard were only passed on to the president’s collection the following year.

A third batch of gifts was sent to Bolsonaro on the same trip Bento Albuquerque took to Saudi Arabia. On October 26, 2021, the day the minister’s entourage disembarked, a sculpture, a brooch, a scarf and a bisht, a mantle worn on special occasions, were added to the president’s collection.

The items are in two spreadsheets prepared by GADH to respond to requests made based on the Access to Information Law at the end of last year. The body noted that the material was part of the “private collection of the President of the Republic”, but did not clarify whether Bolsonaro would take the gifts when he left office.

The documents also list a fourth package of gifts from the Saudis, of a more formal nature, delivered in November 2020. It includes a case, cards, a box, a purse, a flag, a plaque, a coin and a stamp.

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