Oscar speech for each star sign

Cinema is pure imagination, isn’t it? And there is no better time to reward the best films of the year than in the middle of the Sun in Pisces season.

The Oscar takes place this Sunday, the 12th, which will be governed by the sign that is pure magic and illusion — almost one of the parallel universes of Everything Everywhere at the Same Time. In addition, last Tuesday (07), Saturn entered Piscean territory too, where it will spend the next two years.

It will be a period of great creativity and high contact with the arts. For those close to thirty, it also represents the return of Saturn, which, as we know, is full of emotions, discoveries and slaps in the face.

Speaking of slaps in the face, Will Smith is not expected to appear at the Oscars this year. But since we’re on the entertainment side here, we’re rooting for chaos.

A lot of crying and ego in the heights

The current season is loaded with a mix of emotions that should yield a lot of emotional speeches and crying, just the way Cancerians like it.

However, we are talking about Hollywood. What does that mean? That there will be a lot of ego, a lot of dispute, a lot of people wanting to shine and a lot of people talking about themselves for hours and hours.

Leos and Aries will be able to seize the moment to draw all attention to themselves and savor victory. The Scorpios who win will have the opportunity to send a “chupa” to that director who turned down his job 20 years ago.

speech ready

For those who watch, however, it can be a little tiring to see the people thanking their father, mother and Xuxa. That’s why we keep watching from the couch and hoping for widespread confusion, like the year before. La La Land was announced as the winner, but lost to moonlight.

One way or another, we can expect some emotional moments, a bit of anger, and a lot of speeches. Many indeed.

And each sign has its own way of speaking and enjoying victory. Do you want to see it?


You know that look of surprise that actors do so well? He forgets! The Aries will not even disguise that he wanted to win. He will go up on stage, kiss the trophy and talk a lot about himself.


Those who wait always reach! O pobi Taureans have been in line for a long time, but when their time comes, it’s pure commotion. Everyone will recognize his talent.


He will thank his mother, father, Xuxa, who gave him his first job, the nanny, the coachthe cook…


The Cancerian’s drama and emotion reach an apex at the Oscars. We can expect a lot of crying and an impassioned speech that will end up bringing everyone to tears.


The stage is the lion’s place, with everyone applauding. Therefore, it will emphasize all your efforts to win. It may sound a little arrogant, but it’s just the natural glow of the sign.


Humble, Virgo will give credit to everyone on the team: from the director to the cafe aunt. After all, the effort was collective and you can’t get anywhere without the support of others.


He will take advantage of the stage to make a heated speech defending a social cause, pointing out the planet’s inequalities and giving voice to the weak and oppressed.


You won’t miss the opportunity to drop a shade for being turned down for a tree role 20 years ago. Pure spite!


He’ll be philosophizing about the meaning of life, awards, movies and existence until the music swells and someone throws him off the stage.


He’s going to keep talking about how hard the work has been so far, but he knew from the beginning that this was going to happen. Especially because Capricorn would plan every step until he reached the Oscar.


He’s going to use the speech to throw truths in the face and remind everyone that the Oscar is the portrait of the privilege of nepo babies (children of celebs) and white men.


He fantasized so much about that day that, if it happens, he won’t even believe it. Or rather, he’s going to cry and read the speech he took on a piece of paper. After all, hope dies last, right?

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