One of Australia’s beloved racers, ‘Fairy Floss Girl’, has had to overcome tremendous odds and almost ended up behind bars.

Melbourne Cup favorites Fairy Floss Girl’ and Kyle Sandilands’ Selina Gomez are facing difficult financial times.

One of Australia’s beloved racers, ‘Fairy Floss Girl’, has had to overcome tremendous odds and almost ended up behind bars.

One of Australia's beloved racers, 'Fairy Floss Girl',
One of Australia’s beloved racers, ‘Fairy Floss Girl’, : News

Karly Tsivoglou ignited the internet when she was photographed by The Daily Mail Australia mocking fairy yarn on Oaks Day in Melbourne in 2016.

Kyle Sandilands of KIIS FM exclaimed on air that the then-16-year-old was “hotter than Selena Gomez”.

On Wednesday, 24-year-old Aisha appeared at Moorabbin Magistrates Court after failing to fulfill her good behavior obligation related to several dishonesty matters.

Tsivoglou appeared alongside a Victorian Legal Aid attorney in court and was charged with one count of handling stolen goods, five counts of obtaining property through deception, and one count of theft.

In March 2021, Melburnians experienced one of the longest Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide.

In January this year, Tsivoglou admitted to his crimes through the court’s diversionary program.

Victorian law permits diversionary plans to be given to first-time offenders that don’t negatively affect a person’s future prospects.

Under the diversion plan, Tsivoglou was not required to enter a formal plea of guilt; rather, she simply admitted to the alleged crimes.

She was granted 12-month bail with the condition that she apologize to the court by January 1.

Tsivoglou was charged by police after she failed to submit an apology to the court, leading her to be brought back before it for violating her court order.

Magistrate Steven Raleigh was thus forced to try Tsivoglou again for her original crimes.

Her lawyer told Mr. Raleigh Tsivoglou that there had been difficult times after her parents separated.

Her attorney stated, “She has experienced housing instability since her parents separated…the letter was addressed to a previous address where her partner lived.”

Tsivoglou asserted she did not receive court correspondence in the mail and quickly submitted a letter of apology upon learning of the violation.

Karly Tsivoglou, also known as Fairy Floss Girl, has been charged with dishonesty offenses.

Judge Raleigh needed only seconds to clear away Tsivoglou’s initial distraction, allowing her to proceed with no marks on her record.

“You’ve been punished enough,” he declared.

Tsivoglou, dressed in a long brown down coat, said nothing as she made her way to a white BMW and drove away.

Tsivoglou previously told Daily Mail Australia she was “grateful” to be in the spotlight at each Melbourne Cup.

“I’m content,” she exclaimed.

Tsivoglou and her friend Alice Woodfall said they “drank some champagne, made some bets, and enjoyed the sun” at the races but had no idea about their internet star until the morning afterward.

“When I woke up this morning to so many messages and screenshots of the photos, I was absolutely floored!” she recalled at the time.

“My social media accounts have been buzzing all morning!”

Tsivoglou said she received plenty of compliments at the races, but was overwhelmed by how many people “professed their love” when her photos went viral.

“Some people have expressed their desire to fall in love with me,” she confided.

“Both Alice and I have received many complimentary remarks throughout the day.”

Tsivoglou (above) earned the nickname “fairy floss girl” after she was photographed snacking on Ladies’ Day in 2016.

Tsivoglou began sharing photos of herself relaxing by the pool on her social media pages soon after.

However, her online presence has changed in recent years as she dedicates herself to raising her infant son.

Photos capture the mother-son duo working on handicrafts, enjoying the beach, and swimming together.

Tsivoglou still manages to capture some beautiful moments on camera.

Every year at Melbourne Cup time, Sandilands remembers Tsivoglou’s iconic pictures.

Tsivoglou (above) said she had no idea about her internet fame until the morning after the races.

At the time, he exclaimed, “She looks stunning! She has cotton candy hanging out of her mouth… everything is happening.”

Jackie O. observed: “She looks somewhat like Selena Gomez.”

“But hotter,” Kyle quipped.
In November 2020, the Sydney radio host brought up the ‘Fairy Floss Girl’ again during his segment on Melbourne Cup’s most iconic moments.

“God, I don’t remember,” his co-host “Jackie O,” asked him. “Why was that so memorable?”

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