one death, iron bars and shootings in a pitched battle

The confrontation between the flamenco and the Vasco da Gama is in Brazil more than just a football match. In a country where this sport is lived with such intensity, the derby of Rio de Janeiro unleashes in the city a special passion, excessive and misunderstood in some cases as happened this past Sunday.

Brazilian soccer continues to have a clear problem with the ultras. The fans of both hobbies took possession of this beautiful derby in the run-up to the match and left unfortunate images that clouded everything that happened later on the pitch. In the outskirts of maracana there was a pitched battle that forced the security forces to intervene when the situation had completely gotten out of hand.

The level of these fights between the ultras of Flamengo and Vasco da Gama has risen so much that they have already claimed the life of one person and there are other seriously injured who are still at risk. Authorities confirmed the death of Bruno Macedo dos Santos, who died in the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital after being admitted last Sunday in serious condition.

In a video that circulated through social networks, another of the seriously injured could be seen wandering in the middle of the street after being severely beaten. His relatives claimed that they stole his wallet, motorcycle keys and even his clothes until they left him naked.

Up to eight people were hospitalized over the weekend after the serious incidents that took place around the Maracana, prior to the tenth day of the Carioca Championship. Of all of them, up to three are still hospitalized under medical supervision and two of them are still in serious condition, including one who was shot by men riding a motorcycle.

Clubs and iron bars

The panorama that was experienced in the moments before the game was bleak. There were shootings, throwing objects and fighting in a real free-for-all between the most radical fans of the two teams. All this forced the police forces to take the initiative and intervene to quell the incidents.

Some fans even clashed with the security forces, and the militarized police reported that 50 wooden truncheons, nine iron bars, five homemade explosive devices, knuckles and pyrotechnic devices. A whole arsenal that has nothing to do with the dispute of a football match.

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Up to 600 policemen had to be deployed in the outskirts of Maracana before the match between Flamengo and Vasco da Gama was held, although the high police presence could not prevent some unfortunate events from taking place that have already claimed one fatality.

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