Nigerian ‘Yahoo Boy’ Goes Mad At The Bank Cashing Out His Oyibo Money (VIDEO)

A Nigerian young boy, alleged to be a ‘Yahoo Sakawa Boy’ has gone crazy displaying symptoms of madness after he reportedly when to a popular bank in Lagos to cash out money sent to him by his white client.

This is evident from a new viral video that has just surfaced online as sighted by

In the video, the young man in a queue to withdraw money sent to him is seen behaving abnormally all of a sudden.

Others right beside him moved away to make way for him as he tried to chase customers around.

As expected, netizens reacted:


“Ghana not Nigeria , even the song in the background.”

Nigerian 'Yahoo Boy' Goes Mad


“Sakawa is Ghanaian, not Nigeria word, what kind of yeye is this?”


“You no get money so everything bi Sakawa give you. Young boy with 80s mentality.”


“And how did u know it’s Sakawa that made him mad😂😂😂 “

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