Nico is “100% to help the team”

Nico González is, in the absence of signings in the winter market, the great reinforcement for Rubén Baraja in the midfield between now and the end of the season. The Galician midfielder has been training with the group for two weeks and is ready to help on Saturday against Osasuna at Mestalla. The player, owned by Barcelona, he was injured on December 31 at Villarreal and underwent surgery in January for his fifth metatarsal fracture. Two months and a week later he is ready to return.

The player gave an interview to the club a few days after his long-awaited return to the pitch and confessed that he was “very excited” to dress short again: “Hello, very good, very happy to be ready. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s been a hard couple of months, but the time has come and I’m very happy. The finger is perfect, like new. I have been training with the group since last week and I am very happy with how everything is going».

The Galician midfielder explained that it has not been an easy process, especially at the beginning, but constant work has been the key to finally cutting deadlines: “The first weeks were difficult, I tried to go to A Coruña the first time week to disconnect because I couldn’t even walk. I can’t see my grandmother, my father works… I met them in Reyes and that helped me gain strength. Then I set the idea of ​​doing double sessions from Monday to Saturday and in the end it shows, I felt strong and physically well.

“One hundred percent”

In any case, Nico is already “one hundred percent” and this Saturday he will enter the squad to play another ‘final’, this time against Osasuna: “I am one hundred percent. Every day the coach asks me and today I have found myself fast, light and with more rhythm and every day it shows a lot». The ’17’ from Valencia was injured with Gattuso as leader, he was not available during Voro’s short journey and now he returns with Rubén Baraja in charge. “He has been explaining to me the idea that we have, it is above, he asks me after training and it is to adapt to this new idea and pick up the pace to be faster,” he explained in this regard.

Nico González, during a training session in Paterna VCF

The player is fully aware that the situation Valencia is experiencing is critical, but he was optimistic with the idea of ​​flying back and highlighted the importance of Mestalla to achieve it: “It is a very complicated situation, but the team is noticing the change with the mister We try to help as much as possible and that Mestalla push because the last game against Real pushed a lot. Mestalla has to push a lot. We are a team that can beat anyone, as we demonstrated against Real and Barcelona. Any team that comes to Mestalla has to suffer. It has to be our fort, it’s key.”

The next step now is Osasuna, a match that Nico defines as “a final” and from which he highlights that the team can “get out of relegation” by adding the three points. On a collective level, the Galician highlighted the victory against Real as a turning point to gain confidence: «The situation was complicated and winning against Real Sociedad has given us confidence and has shown us the way. If we continue with this idea, good results will surely come.” On an individual level, Nico asserted that the goal is to “improve.” «I want to help as much as possible and for Valencia to get out of this situation. I want to be at the Mestalla and at that moment I’ll be more than satisfied. I am still in the process of assimilating that I am already with the team », he concluded.

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