Nadia Calviño asks the PP for “transparency” with Feijóo’s salary after being asked by ‘Tito Berni’

Nadia Calvino has assured this Tuesday afternoon, during her speech at the government control session in the Senate, that she does not like “never, ever, to enter it and you more” when talking about corruption.

However, it has abounded in the scandals of the Popular Party, such as the plot Kitchen, or in other matters such as the salary that Feijóo has in the PP; when the popular spokesman in the Upper House questioned him in his question about the recent case Tito Berniwhich affects the PSOE directly.

The first vice-president, in her response, welcomed the fact that the PP is “now coming to the conclusion that it is necessary to act decisively against corruption.” That is why, she added, “transparency is so important. For example, starting with the remuneration of the party leader”.

[Un empresario vinculado al general del ‘caso Mediador’ recibió 800.000€ en contratas en cinco años]

The popular leader has started his turn by opening the front against Sánchez’s number two for the Mediator case. “It is being claimed that there have been tip-offs to alert his government and his party before the arrests. It is a scandal that the government remains silent“, has censored Maroto.

Along these lines, he recalled that there are indications that the alleged criminal plot was financed with the funds Next Generation of the European Union, which depend on the Ministry of Economy directed by Calviño. For this reason, he has asked that he offer an “answer” on the “implications that the Executive has” in this matter.

Calviño brings out ‘Kitchen’

Far from entering the stake, the vice president has lamented such a low-level intervention from all points of view. “Of so little class, in such bad taste,” he has reproached the PP spokesman. Later, she has shown her disbelief that Maroto has dared “to talk about corruption” and make “jokes, jokes and jokes” on such a serious topic.

At that moment, Calviño has indicated that, despite his refusal to enter into the “and you more” with issues such as corruption, the PP has “at this time active examples of institutional corruption from State bodies.”

“A corruption related to drug trafficking, which has led to the death of a person”, he mentioned in reference to the kitchen case. Therefore, he has asked Maroto: “When is the PP going to act as the PSOE is doing, with determination, to eliminate this scourge of democracy?

In his reply, the popular spokesman has ironized Calviño by telling him that “he has been sheared because they must have passed the argument of the ERE.” Immediately afterwards, he has continued with the derivatives of the alleged case of corruption of Tito Berni: “Tomorrow at the 8-M demonstration, be careful that one of those who don’t sneak inand in the afternoon he shouts no to prostitution, but at night he ends up in it. Very typical of the cynicism and current hypocrisy of the PSOE”.

Finally, Maroto has denounced that the Government, “with Sánchez at the head, with his actions and with his silences, has become a permissive government with corruption.”

After this, and visibly upset, Calviño has concluded: “I understand that you are now coming to the conclusion that you have to act with determination against corruption, I couldn’t agree more. That’s why transparency is so important, for example, beginning with the remuneration of the leader of his party. And that is why it is so important that you eradicate the corruption that continues to sit at the table of the leaders of the PP”.

The vice president has remarked that these words were not pronounced “with a partisan spirit”. On the contrary, she has defended that if the PP “were really committed to eradicating that scourge that is corruption”, it would improve “democratic quality” in Spain.

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