Nacional, Millos, Santa Fe and Cali, the greats that contribute to the Sub 15

The Colombian Sub 15 Team is ready to carry out a new microcycle of preparation for the South American of the category that will be played this year. The technical director Jorge ‘Chamo’ Serna announced the call for 23 players who will work at the Sports Headquarters of the Colombian Football Federation in Barranquilla.

The national team will meet from March 9 to 20 at the Sports Headquarters of the Colombian Football Federation in Barranquilla. The Colombian team will take advantage of the days of concentration to emphasize tactical and physical work,” reported the FCF in a press release.

Atlético Nacional, Millonarios, Independiente Santa Fe and Deportivo Cali are the big FPC teams that contribute to the call. Equidad and Envigado are the other teams in the BetPlay League with players in their ranks, while Antioquia along with Barranquilla and Cortuluá are the ones that contribute the most with two players. The South American Sub 15 will be held in November

Call for Colombia Selection Sub 15

  • Orlan Andrés Villero Villeros – De Crespo Academy
  • Santiago Mondragon Alzate – Deportivo Cali
  • Hector Pama Bravo – Atletico Boca Juniors
  • Jhon Kéiner Sevillano Torres – Atlético Nacional
  • Juan Sebastián Ibarra Calleja – Atlético Nacional
  • Yancarlos Mosquera Morenos – Millonarios FC
  • Darwin Daez Torres Redondo – Barranquilla Football Club
  • Edmilson Yosue Herazo Torres – Barranquilla Football Club
  • Nicolás Caro Domínguez – Belén La Nubia – Arco Zaragoza
  • Jet Lee Romario Espín Rodríguez – Boca Juniors Nariño
  • Marlon Adilson Balanta Viveros – Sports Club Margos Stores
  • Matías Saldarriaga Cataño – Student Sports Club
  • Mateo Garcia Contreras – Club Petizos FC
  • Nick Mendez Manrique – Club Petizos FC
  • Juan Pablo Lorza Cantillo – Cortuluá Football Club
  • Samuel Moreno Rendón – Cortuluá Football Club
  • Santiago Alexander Carrero – Envigado Football Club
  • Jhon Jaider Steven Palomeque – Equidad Seguros
  • Mateo Henao Saenz – Estudiantes Del Otun FC
  • Juan Esteban Castilla Pérez – F. Juan G. Cuadrado
  • Angel Santiago Mora Barrera – Independent Santa Fe
  • Cristian Camilo Orozco Valdés – I. Y V.- Rojo FC
  • Yeminson Urrutia Mosquera – Socrates Valencia FC

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