Modric has no end –

Modric’s career is The Neverending Story. On the way to 38, when the vast majority of footballers begin to plan their last steps in football, he aspires -almost- more than ever: In the coming months he wants to raise the Nations and renew with Madrid. There is nothing. because she feels forces to do this, with plenty of gasoline and a hunger to show that age is just a number. Ancelotti already said it: “If a player complies, the age does not matter. Being 17 doesn’t make you a starter if you don’t deserve it… well, the same thing with 35 or 37. A coach’s job is to evaluate the day to day. […] Maldini won a Champions League at 39 and training once a week. But he played; because if you are better than others, you must play”. He missed a thump on the table and a sip of water.


Modric, with Real Madrid.JOHN MEDINAREUTERS

Because it was impossible to settle the debate so categorically and in such a short time. He does not look at ID, but returns. And in that theory, he continues to consider Modric his captain general of the engine room. A footballer who arrived exhausted from the World Cup and needed to dose himself for several weeks, more than usual, but that on the most important nights it has remained indisputable. More than a pillar, a backbone. Modric, even with his minuses and butsis signing some remarkably high numbers: with six goals, he has equaled the best record of his career. In addition, add four assists and For the sixth consecutive season, he has participated in at least ten goals (his record is at 15).

Renew without gifts

feel strong and wants to renew It was in the bowels of Anfield where he made public what was an open secret: “I feel good and I want to continuebut I have to talk to the club, find out what they think. I want to continue because I deserve it, not because they give it to me. They have never given me anything in my life and it will not be now ”. This season takes 2,185′ and it is going from less to more. Because the player himself recognized that he made a mistake playing so suddenly after the World Cup: “I had to do a specific program and go back little by little. Qatar affected a bit, but I’m already feeling good “. It’s rechaining entitlements and to show the leg of its best version under the door.

Modric celebrates with his family after eliminating Brazil in the World Cup in Qatar.


Modric celebrates with his family after eliminating Brazil in the World Cup in Qatar.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELADiary AS

A dream: make Croatia champion

From Real Madrid there is a huge runrún with which he combines, at 37, the selection with the club. He himself considers that it is not a problem and, in fact, in the coming months he has the opportunity to remove a thorn: dreams of lifting the Nations League (the Final Four takes place in June). They will meet in the semifinals Netherlands and in the hypothetical final, I would expect Spain or Italy. Modric was about to win a World Cup with his country and in Qatar, after caressing the supposed utopia again, he came third. Some spectacular records for the team checkered. Historic… but a player like him feels he needs more. And his environment points out that lifting a title with Croatia (who has summoned him for the two qualifiers this month) it has become a humble obsession. So when everything seemed to indicate that the end of Luka was approaching, far from it: wants to renew another year and lift Croatia to heaven. An endless footballer.

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