Millonarios tries, but Mineiro takes the tie to Brazil

It was not the expected result, Millonarios missed the victory against Atlético Mineiro. The blues tried, they proposed, but the defense was not sure and Andrés Llinás and Juan Pablo Vargas suffered whenever the Brazilian team looked for their back. Hulk managed the times and in the second half they brought equality to Brazil 1-1. Eduardo ‘Chacho’ Coudet made a great approach and in the final minutes they controlled the game due to blue despair.

Mackalister Silva and Daniel Cataño were the best in the ambassador team, the two tried to break the tough defense of Mineiro who did his job and controlled the vast majority of attacks from the ambassadors who will now have to seek classification in Brazil. A more difficult challenge for those led by Gamero, but without a doubt in El Campín they showed that they can fight hand in hand.

Mackalister Silva excites with his goal

Millonarios started by pressing and looking to open the scoring quickly, the Brazilians they waited for the first minutes with a low block that cost the ambassador team break despite the intention of Mackalister Silva and Daniel Cataño to throw leaked balls.

The first blue approach was from Larry Vásquez who tried it from the middle distance. The creators began to come together and Mackalister Silva began to associate more in short to break the tough defense of Mineiro. Millonarios put the lines ahead and the Brazilian team took advantage of that, which in the 14th minute had a very clear arrival with Paulinho who finished off across the ball, however Montero saved it in a great way.

The Brazilians continued to take advantage of the spaces in defense and took advantage of the back of Andrés Llinás, Hulk gained speed, but against Montero he defined well above. Saved blue and respite from Gamero. With the passing of the minutes the rain became the protagonist and the game was very short due to arguments and simple fouls. Hulk, pure experience to know how to handle game times.

The top figure of Mineiro gained confidence and in minute 33 they approached with risk, the first with Hulk after a mid-distance shot that Montero saved in a great way, then Patrick entered the area alone, but Andrés Llinás closed very well. In the final minutes of the first half, Millonarios opened the scoring to light up El Campín. Daniel Cataño’s center and Mackalister Silva’s header to beat Everson who hesitated in the six-yard box. The blues left victorious.

Paulinho turns off the illusion and Mineiro does his job

In the complementary part, the blues came out with the same attitude of the first half to try to increase the score, however, Atlético Mineiro took advantage of the spaces in defense and defensive errors at the start, In the 51st minute, Montero dressed as a hero again, shrinking the Hulk very well. The blues began to control the ball, but with little clarity in the last quarter of the field.

In the 62nd minute, a great combination between Mackalister Silva and Leonardo Castro arrived that marked the diagonal, the center forward gained speed and finished off powerfully, Everson had to control it in two stages. Millonarios once again left spaces in defense and at 67′, Mineiro found the tie. Bad pressure from Cataño, Jemerson sent a masterful pass to Paulinho that he defined above Álvaro Montero.

Millonarios responded immediately with a powerful shot from Óscar Cortés that passed very close to Everson’s goal, hands to the head of Gamero who also decided to send Fernando Uribe, Jader Valencia and Juan Carlos Pereira to the field, but without modifying the schema. The Blues had to keep trying and in minute 78 Daniel Cataño did it with a powerful shot.

The Brazilian team began to manage time to their liking. Everson was delayed in each serve, the changes were always delayed. Millionaires fell in their game and Atlético Mineiro celebrated the equality, they know it is a great result at the height.

With this draw, Millonarios will have to seek qualification for the group stage next week in Belo Horizonte. The meeting will be on March 15 at the Mineirao. The blues also have a key match against Nacional this weekend, Gamero will again bet on a mixed roster.


israel alba (45′, Elvis Perlaza), Juan Carlos Pereira (71′, Larry Vasquez), jader valencia (71′, Oscar Cortés), fernando uribe (71′, Leonardo Castro), edward vargas (74′, Paulinho), Hyoran (74′, Patrick), Marian (80′, Renzo Saravia), Igor Gomes (86′, Allan), Luis Paredes (89′, Daniel Catano)


1-0, 41′: David Silva1-1, 65′: paulo henrique


Referee: Piero Maza
VAR Referee: Angelo Hermosilla, Alejandro Molina
elvis pearl (28′,Yellow) Renzo Saravia (57′,Yellow) Larry Vasquez (61′,Yellow) Hulk (65′,Yellow) paulo henrique (65′,Yellow) Everson (83′,Yellow)

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