Michael Rudman approached Mons Venus with gun and mask: Cops

As seen on surveillance footage released by police in Tampa, Florida, three security guards stopped a masked gunman from entering a strip club early Sunday morning.

Local cops identified the suspect as Michael Marko Rudman, 44, and said it is unclear why he tried to enter the Mons Venus armed and wearing a mask.

In a press statement and court documents, authorities claim Rudman arrived in a silver pickup truck at approximately 1:15 a.m.

Wearing a red and black devil mask and having the words “kill” and “darkk [sic] one” on his arms, he walked towards the entrance, authorities said. He held a Glock 9mm handgun and a flashlight, they said.

“He left the vehicle running in the parking lot, not pulled into a parking spot,” prosecutors wrote in a motion for pretrial detention. “He exited the vehicle wearing red shirt and gray [t-shirt] with skulls, red and gray camouflage pants and a red and black Satan mask covering his entire face. While exiting the vehicle he was carrying a loaded Glock 9mm in his right hand. He immediately headed towards the main entrance of the strip club.”

But as seen on video, a man at the scene grabbed him. That man was identified by WTVT as Manuel “Manny” Anthony Resto, a security guard for Mons Venus.

“Upon seeing the firearm, a security guard at the venue engaged the suspect and knocked the weapon out of his hand,” officers said. “During the incident, a single round from the suspect’s gun struck the front door of the venue. No one was injured inside the venue. One of the three security guards involved suffered minor injuries because of the altercation that ensued with Rudman.”

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