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The Mexico City Metro reported that, during the early hours of this Monday, progress is slow on Line 3which goes from Indios Verdes to University, for which they have started maintenance works on secondary roads to normalize circulation.

Around 06:00 hours, the transport system reported through social networks that the service on the aforementioned route had delaysso that “system personnel works on secondary roads in Ticomán to normalize circulation.

Twitter-tweet”>”>#AvisoMetro: The service is slow on Line 3, system personnel work on secondary roads in Ticomán to normalize circulation. Take forecasts.

— MetroCDMX (@MetroCDMX)”>March 27, 2023

Subsequently, the CDMX Metro clarified that, despite the incident, Traffic has not stoppedbut that the service has only been saturated in different stations, for which they began the sending empty units to them.

Users in social networks reported that saturation prevents them from approach the platformswhile, those who managed to reach a station, They cannot board because, they accuse, they arrive trains that do not open their doors.

Twitter-tweet”>”>#AvisoMetro: The circulation of trains is continuous on Line 3, however there is a high influx of users and boarding is slow. The shipment of empty units continues. Allows the free closing of doors.

— MetroCDMX (@MetroCDMX)”>March 27, 2023

Other users expressed their dissatisfaction with the Line 3 situation because this Monday the Double No Circulate was applied in Mexico City, which impeded transit to various cars.

Likewise, a similar situation was reported on other routes such as the B linewhich runs from Buenavista to Ciudad Azteca.

How to request a receipt for the Metro CDMX delay?

The Mexico City Metro offers users a proof of delay for when an unforeseen event occurs that significantly affects your routine.

To obtain it, all you have to do is go to the offices of the Collective Transportation System (STC), located at Balderas Avenue No. 58, 1st floor, Centro neighborhoodin the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

You can also call the number 55 5627 4460communicate via WhatsApp to the numbers 55 4608 4617, 55 4607 1441 and to 55 5009 1930or send an email to the following address: [email protected]

To obtain the document, you must fill out a form in which you indicate the details of the incident that caused the delay in the service, as well as station, date and time. you can also take photographs or videos as proof of fact. The limit to request the receipt is one week after the fact.

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