meet 5 goddesses every woman should cultivate

Spiritualist talks about the Sacred Feminine and guides women to expand their spiritual connection through these goddesses

Have you heard of Sacred Feminine? It is a philosophy of life adopted by women for millennia, but it has nothing to do with religion. It is a practice that promotes great teachings about physical and mental aspects of the female figure.

The sacred feminine is a philosophy focused on self-knowledge –

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For many women, this means reconnection with yourself, your nature and the nature around you. “We understand as an awakening of our conscience, the appropriation of the body in its entirety, the connection with nature and the breaking of standards with society”, comments the spiritualist Kélida Marques.

Still according to her, in this search for self-knowledge, those who adopt the Sacred Feminine in their daily lives describe a radical change in your worldview. “It’s a way of life that has been embodied by women for generations, in order to get to grips with our own instincts,” she says.

the cult of goddesses

An important concept in this process are the goddesses. They represent the various feminine aspects and therefore help women on their journey of self-discovery.. “For us, each goddess is important for us to see how strong and capable we are, how beautiful we can be”, points out the specialist.

If you are interested and want to know more about the goddesses who can elevate your Sacred Feminine, check below the particularities of 5 main figures:

1. Aphrodite

Beauty, love and sexuality are the main characteristics of Aphrodite. “Because it is linked to sensuality and sexuality, Aphrodite brings a personal magnetism, inducing you to walk fully, with total awareness of your sensual and sexual potential, beautiful and aware of yourself. This goddess makes women more and more attractiveever more vibrant, with an insurmountable magnetism”, explains Kélida.

2. Athena

Goddess of wisdom and partner of mighty warriors, Athena is extremely powerful, intelligent, fearless and courageous. In addition, she is dedicated to the study of art and literature. “By coming into contact with the face of the goddess, there is a stimulus for the search for improvement in carrying out our tasks; as we try to understand the world around us”, he clarifies.

3. Durga

Despite not being the most popular goddess on the list, Durga is essential to understanding the Sacred Feminine, according to the expert. “Personification of material energy, the power of wisdom, sleep and knowledge, Durga brings brilliance, knowledge and understanding. It eliminates ignorance, creating clarity in your thoughts.being one of the main points in the strengthening of intuition and female intelligence”, she comments.

4. Yemanja

Being one of the goddesses linked to the oceans, Yemanja is often represented by water, an element that in many cultures represents female energy. In Brazil, she is very popular being worshiped by religions with African matrix.

“It is she who in the Divine Feminine and in the most diverse points of our lives, governs the rhythmic change of our daybeing a symbol of movement, expansion and development”, points out the spiritualist.

5. Isis

Considered an extremely powerful goddess by the Egyptians, Isis, whose name means “throne”, demonstrating her royalty, has several magical abilities, being able to heal the sick and make the dead come back to life.

“She is the greater representation of maternal essence and of the perfect, life-giving wife, often depicted nursing her son Horus. We then see a maternal figure, a mother who nourishes and feeds”, points out the professional.

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