MC Guimê and Ricardo Alface win the Leader’s Test

Brothers were the last to leave the resistance dynamics on the morning of this Friday, the 10th; eliminated pairs drew consequences

March 10
– 07:19

(updated at 07:40)

MC Guimê and Ricardo win the BBB23 Leader's Test

MC Guimê and Ricardo win the BBB23 Leader’s Test

Photo: Reproduction/Globo

MC Guimê and Ricardo ‘Alface’ won the ninth Tour of the Leader of the Big Brother Brazil 23 after just over six hours of running time. The duo was the last to leave the dynamic on the morning of this Friday, 10.

Amanda and Cara de Sapato competed with the brothers, but forgot to press a test button and ran out of time, thus being eliminated.

Although the test was held in pairs, only one player will be in the lead. The other will earn R$ 20,000 to use in the Mercado Livre application.

The Leader’s Test BBB23 it was resistance. One of the players needed to pick up the product and box number that appeared on the screen and then pass it through the grid to the partner. The second player, in turn, had to pick up the box and place it inside the van, pressing the button before the time ended. Those who did not deliver the correct box or wasted time were eliminated.

The only ones who didn’t compete in the race were Fred ‘Desimpedidos’, who is already immune after winning the dispute in the White Room, in addition to Domitila, who lost the dynamic. Also, Cezar was vetoed by Leader Fred.

The first four pairs that left the race had to draw a consequence. See how it went:

  • 1st eliminated: Sarah and Aline Wirley – will be out of the next Leader’s Trial;
  • 2nd eliminated: Larissa and Bruna Griphao – go straight to Xepa;
  • 3rd eliminated: Marvvila and Gabriel Santana – will not be able to buy the Joker Power;
  • 4th eliminated: Amanda and Shoeface – will not participate in the next Angel’s Trial.

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