Mc Daniel says he thought Mel Maia was involved and tells when passion started

Funk artist MC Daniel, 24, opened up about how he and Mel Maia, 18, met and fell in love with each other.

During participation in Otalabprogram of UOL channel commanded by Otaviano Costa, MC Daniel admitted that at first he had the impression that the actress was a “cocky” person, that “she was not a flower that one smells” due to her global status, a perception that changed after meeting her in person.

“We met on the internet, as a joke. I said: ‘when I go to Rio, we’ll get to know each other'”, he began.

According to him, one day he was invited by Poze do Rodo to go to the marvelous city and he took advantage of the occasion to meet Mel.

“There was a time when I looked at her like that, playing with her cell phone, with her hair, I thought: ‘this girl is good people’. Then I felt something, but I didn’t. [estavam namorando]. At first I didn’t want to be with her, just be friends.”

Daniel pointed out that he already knew the actress Mel Maia. Today, however, he meets Melissa. “An intelligent woman, who works since childhood, helps her parents, is polyglot and responsible,” he added.

MC Daniel says he receives unnecessary ‘hate’: ‘I bother spiritually’

On the show, the singer also spoke about the difficulty of dealing with fame, but, above all, with the “unnecessary hate” he receives on social networks. He also related a “very great spiritual war” waged with himself.

According to the famous man, many of the criticisms he receives on the internet have no purpose as they are directed at his tattoos, his way of dressing, his teeth. He said that they say a “spirit haunts him”, and this implies an internal religious conflict.

“I also live a very big spiritual war, because my movement has a lot of people who are good, but who aren’t either. I’m a guy who goes up on stage already talking about God, I go out talking about God, on my Instagram I talk about God “, he explained.

“I enjoy talking about family, work, fidelity, loyalty. In life there is what is good and what is bad. Good will always win. I feel that I live a very great spiritual war, there are many people who like me and others do not . In the spiritual part, I feel that I am bothering many people”, he added.

Funkeiro says that knee problem kept him from football

At the Otalab, the funk singer explained that, before dedicating himself to music, he dreamed of being a soccer player. However, the dream of lawns was interrupted by a knee problem.

“I played ball, my dream was to play ball. Then I grew up and I didn’t like to train, wake up early, train. Then when I was 17 or 18 I made fun of my knee, I got tendinitis in the knee, as it is a chronic disease, I can’t train two periods, playing all the time because it hurt a lot, then I threw myself into the music”, he declared.

MC Daniel reveals wrong tattoo done for R$ 70 at lunch time

Before fame and success, MC Daniel worked in commerce. It was at that time that he decided to get his first tattoo at a studio that didn’t charge a lot. However, the professional misspelled the tattoo done in honor of Neymar, of whom he is a fan.

As he explained, he asked the tattoo artist to spell “blessed” (blessed, in free translation), but the professional tattooed “blessede”, the wrong spelling of the word in English.

“The first one I did at lunchtime, there was a tattoo shop, it was a cheaper and faster tattoo… I’m a big fan of Neymar, then I saw there that he had been blessed, I did it for R$70, then the guy wrote wrote wrong, blessede,” he reported.

MC Daniel details relationship with MC Kevin and ‘message’ received from idol

When talking about his relationship with MC Kevin, who died in 2021, aged 23, MC Daniel highlighted his importance in his life and for the MCs of the new funk generation.

“He is the idol of a generation. Kevin lived with a lot of people and inspired a lot of people, he taught many things to the people of our time since he broke out, dictating fashion, teaching what to do, how to do it, how to be affectionate, how to be focused, like dressing well, singing well, with the family, not caring about material goods, helping everyone, giving opportunities, being grateful for things”, he said.

MC Daniel highlighted that “until today he [Kevin] follow here” and that he keeps in touch with the artist’s family. At that moment, Daniel pointed out that he received a message from Kevin through his idol’s mother, Valquíria Nascimento.

Daniel explained that Valquíria said she had dreamed of Kevin and that in the dream he asked her to tell the artist to “rest, be in peace”. “He spoke things that I needed to hear. He had such a strong light, he was so illuminated, which is a gift, something from God, it is supernatural”, he added.

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