Mbappé, priority but free –

Around with Kylian Mbappé. As soon as the new and disappointing elimination of the Parisians in the Champions League round of 16 took place in Munich, the French star surprised when he responded to the question of what his future would be from now on: “Now I am only concerned about Ligue 1, we want to win it. I don’t think about the next season. I’m quiet. My goal is to win Ligue 1 and then we’ll see…”. That ending, leaving everything up in the air, has been received with skepticism on the main floor of PSG (again it has activated the famous tic, toc) and with some indifference on the main floor of the Bernabéu, given that in recent years there have been numerous Mbappé’s statements that sounded like nods to that club that he always said he loved since he was a child. Obviously, It has been interpreted as an acknowledgment that if it were up to him, his career at that PSG would end soon that in six seasons he has been denied the Champions League, a competition that is elusive to him, while ‘his’ beloved Real Madrid wins it with the assiduity of a specialist.

But now it is Madrid that has the upper hand. It is no longer an immediate goal fulfillment. Of course, if he gets within range, Florentino will try to sign him, as he tried two summers ago, to the point of putting 180 million on Al Khelaïfi’s table in case he accepted a transfer before he was free to negotiate for the team that wanted from January 1, 2022. But Mbappé held out until May, raising expectations of his imminent white future, then giving a “no” to the white president after giving in to pressure from Macron, the Emir of Qatar and his own family. He stopped responding to Florentino’s messages and only answered him at the end to apologize for his refusal. to accept the offer that Madrid had put on his table. That is why this summer Madrid will not try to sign him, knowing that it would cost a fortune.

The important thing is that Mbappé, although he renewed for PSG until 2025, He left a clause to be able to free himself from his golden cage in 2024. That means he could leave on that date without PSG being able to negotiate demanding a transfer fee. Come on, he could arrive free, which is the only thing Madrid would accept now. If in 2024 he comes totally free and publicly acknowledges that he did not behave well with Madrid and his fans, the doors of the new Bernabéu would open for the Parisian. No grudges, but also no forgetting what he did. To Mbappé the help that the club likes more than Haaland’s option, whom they see as a great scorer, but without the charm as a player or the charisma that Kylian does have. Therefore, if Mbappé pays off his contractual mortgages with PSG and shows up one day in Madrid with the desire to start a new career at the club of his childhood dreams, Madrid will sign him knowing that they are getting a star who can mark the leadership of world football in the coming years. Kylian, it’s in your hands.

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