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When Real Madrid and Florentino Perez called, it was hard for many players to turn them down. Less than a week ago, it seemed almost certain that Kylian Mbappe would become The next big star. As a child, he was a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and had pictures of him playing for Real Madrid on His walls. The Galacticos came to play at The Bernabéu.

Real Madrid Is sure of it. Even though They haven’t signed anyone yet, They Have been sure that Mbappe will play for them next season and that a deal will be made when His contract With Paris Saint-Germain ends this summer. Kylian Mbappe sent Florentino Perez a text message to tell him he was staying at PSG.

But doubts have been growing in Madrid in recent days, and their worst fears came true when Mbappe announced on Saturday night that he had signed a new three-year deal with Paris. El Chiringuito says that The 23-year-old sent a text message to Perez that shocked The head of Real Madrid and The Bernabeu hierarchy. The source said, “I’m letting you know that I’ve decided to stay at Paris Saint-Germain.” “I’d like to thank you for giving me the chance to play for Real Madrid, which has been my favorite team since I was a child.

“I hope you understand my decision, and good luck In The Champions League final.” In recent years, Perez Has based all of His transfer plans on getting The French striker.

Mbappe’s choice Is a blow to Perez, who Has spent The last few years focusing all of His transfer plans on Mbappe. Real Madrid, for example, hasn’t been too interested In signing Erling Haaland because They want to sign France’s international player. When Real Madrid left Monaco In 2017, They lost The chance to sign Mbappe, and a £154 million offer for him was turned down last summer.

The club’s top goal right now will be The Champions League final against Liverpool, but Perez will now work His tail off behind The scenes to sign another superstar this summer. Mbappe, on The other hand, will be The best-paid player In The world and maybe even The most important. The athlete says he will make about £34 million a year, or about £653,000 a week.

In the last game of the season for PSG, Mbappe scored three goals against Metz to celebrate his new deal. Marca, on The other hand, says that The striker will Have a say In important choices at Paris, like who The next sporting director and manager will be.

Mbappe said, “I’m very happy to continue my adventure at PSG” after scoring a hat-trick In The last Ligue 1 game of The season against Metz.I want to keep doing what I love With you guys and help you win titles . Thank you a lot.

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