Martín Tejón gives seven points to the subsidiary

Miguel Ángel Angulo’s Valencia Mestalla goes like a ‘shot’ in the Second RFEF and is postulated as one of the top contenders for promotion. On the lookout for the leader -Teruel- the Valencianistas widen their gap with the zone outside the playoff every day, guaranteeing at least a place in the promotion phase except for a major surprise. One of the keys to the black and white success of this campaign is the power of the blocsince he is performing even when the first team ‘takes’ many players from him, or the rapid adaptation of substitute and even youth players. In this last group, the great name of his own is that of Martín Tejón, who has broken down the door with an immediate and absolutely decisive performance at the points level.

The ’10’ of the Division of Honor has played 143 minutes in 7 games with the subsidiary and has already had time to score three goals, none of them filling: all have given points to the team, up to five ‘extra’ because two have been the victory goal and one the tie, helping the team to add seven differential points in the qualifying table. The first of them was scored at the home of Lleida Esportiu in the 89th minute to make it 1-2 on the scoreboard and give their team a valuable victory.

Since then he has participated in all the games played so far. Two days later, in a game that was complicated against Deportivo Aragón when the Mestalla was left with a man less due to the expulsion of Pablo Gozálbez, the Valencia midfielder scored the equalizer after a great collective play in which he had a great incidence.

And this day he returned to give points to the team with the winning goal in an entire Rico Pérez stadium with less than ten minutes to go, entering the shot with great intelligence. A highly prestigious triumph that reinforces the Valencian candidacy for promotion and that, incidentally, also makes him knock hard on the door of ownership. Angulo has him highly regarded for his associative capacity and his personality on the field. The jump in category has not weighed on him at all and he is also excelling against veteran footballers.

In the World Cup break he had minutes with the first team and not only did he not clash, but he took advantage of his minutes to show impudence and that he is a ‘different’ footballer. Valencia has him well tied at the contractual level and he has it very present for the future.

Step in front of Esquerdo

Another of the great names of the second round of the championship is being that of Vicente Esquerdo. After practically not having a leading role in the first part of the season, the midfielder from Alicante is being the beacon of the team in this phase of the course. Because of his ability to command in the midfield, but also because of the punch that he is offering the team and because of his strategic value on set pieces. The ’22’ has also scored three goals this season. Accumulate more experience than many colleagues, an aspect that can be key in the final stretch.

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