Manchester United – Betis: Joaquín: “The thing I least think about in games like United’s is not continuing to play football”

Betis and Manchester Utd one of the tickets for the quarterfinals of the europa league. The English were the executioners of the Barcelona and now they are looking to eliminate another Spanish team. While the Verdiblanco team dreams of ringing the bell and for this they first visit Old Trafford this same Thursday. In the previous one, Joaquin Sanchez He analyzed the match at a press conference.

Pellegrini says that he does not see him as a coach

“Yes, he knows me very well. We have already had this conversation from time to time. But as a player, of course, a field like Old Trafford, against Manchester. Since childhood, one dreams of playing this type of game. We face it with a tremendous illusion, trying to compete to the maximum. We know that tomorrow we have to bring out our best version to achieve a good result”.


“Yes, all the reason in the world. One always competes and dreams of being here, in this type of field, facing great teams like Manchester. The least thing you think about right now is not continuing to play football. For me, At this point in my career, at the age of 41, being able to play this type of match is a privilege, a dream and a source of pride to be able to face such a historic rival as Manchester United”.

Joaquín Sánchez, at a Europa League press conference with Betis



“We know that an important moment is coming and we have to be plugged in, knowing that the opportunity could come your way at any moment. We’ve had significant casualties, we try to make the team notice as little as possible. We’re good about that, the people are 200% because we know that this is an important moment to try to keep the team growing. We know that we are going to have our opportunity and tomorrow is a very nice opportunity to play a good game and get a good result for the second leg”.

Play in the Premier League

“The moment that has been talked about many times and the closest was Chelsea. But at that moment I was not a footballer who wanted to leave Betis, I felt important, I was happy. I still lost a beautiful opportunity for many things, but I was I’m happy, which was the most important thing. I still have the opportunity to come and play and enjoy this wonderful league and these great teams, and it’s a real privilege.”

Last time?

“I promise you that I don’t think that, if I thought it was my last time, I would come in a different way and I wouldn’t enjoy it the same. It’s not my thought, I’ve been enjoying, feeling important, feeling like a footballer, having the privilege of playing in these fields as a great team like Manchester. The least thing that crosses my mind is that this is going to be my last game on these types of pitches”.

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What game are you waiting for?

“That question is for the coach -laughs-. It’s going to be a very intense match where I think we’re going to have to play as we identify ourselves, as a happy, aggressive team that plays face to face with anyone knowing who we have in front of us. We know who we’re up against and there’s another game left. It will be difficult, they are aggressive and they put intensity, football here is like that, but we have to be prepared”.

locker room psyched

“I think that the footballers, or those of us who make up Betis, are psyched up to compete at the highest level and this is it. You can always go one step further, since Manuel’s arrival we have been in Europe for several years, growing, there is regularity and stability with in which the team continues to advance, but with our feet on the ground, knowing that there are very strong and important teams. For us it is a special motivation to play these types of matches, competing, this is the beauty of being able to play European competitions every year and continue growing little by little.”

A dream at Old Trafford

“It’s easy to dream here, I dream of playing a good game, competing at the level that these games deserve and getting a good result. May the Betis player leave happy to see his Betis compete against a great team”.

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