Man Reportedly Goes Mad After Borrowing Money From Loan App (VIDEO)

A human rights activist, Ahmed Isa has warned the youth to avoid borrowing money from a so-called loan app after he revealed a shocking story. According to Ahmed Isa, a young man once borrowed money via a popular loan app and was unable to pay.

He, therefore, resorted to paying in installments till he went bankrupt.

Depicting a mad man

Due to his inability to pay, the loan sharks started harassing him for the money and then took the dramatic step of sending slanderous messages to his acquaintances, accusing him of being a thief and a fraudster.

The narrator, Mr. Ahmed Isa, said that the message was also forwarded to the man’s prospective employer, who had recently gone for a job interview.

His future father-in-law whose daughter he had sought for marriage blocked his number after the defamatory message was also sent to him.

loan app
depicting a loan app

Ahmed Isa warned people against taking money from loan sharks because there are usually hidden repercussions that borrowers know nothing about.

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