Loreen responds to Eva Soriano after her words in ‘La resistencia’: “I didn’t know that”

The words of Eva Soriano in ‘The resistance’ about his experience with loreen in the Carnivals of Gáldar (Gran Canaria) they have already had a response from the other party. swedish singer responded to the presenter of ‘Showriano’ (Movistar Plus+) and ‘Cuerpos especiales’ (Europe FM) about what happened at the Drag Queen gala in the Canary Islands town in exclusive statements to YOTELE:”I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that, really“.

The artist, top favorite to win the Melodifestivalen 2023 and represent Sweden in Eurovision with ‘Tattoo’, she also offered her version of what happened when asked by this portal: “I don’t know if it was because we had some technical problems that made us have to postpone the concert. I have a team at my around who works on schedules and so on, and They came up and said, “Loreen, it’s your turn to act,” and I said, “Okay, I’ll go.”

“The schedules, the when, I don’t really know about those things, The only thing I know is that when it’s my turn to act, my team tells me: “it’s your turn now, go out to work“But I’m sorry if you felt that way, and if you had to wait. I don’t like it when people wait for me,” said the interpreter of ‘Euphoria’, ‘Paper light’ and ‘Neon Lights’, among others.

Furthermore, in his response to the question posed by YOTELELoreen also assured that she tried to offer something special to everyone who was present at the Drag Queen gala of the Gáldar Carnivals: “It’s always like this, it’s like jumping off a mountain“.

Finally, the singer also sends a direct message to Eva Soriano to finish her words: “I hope you forgive me. Please forgive me!“.

Eva Soriano, about Loreen in ‘La resistencia’: “I have made the cross for her”

It should be remembered that a few days ago, Eva Soriano charged hard against the 2012 Eurovision winner with ‘Euphoria’ on her last visit to the set of ‘La resistencia’: “I have made the cross.”

The comedian explained in detail what happened to the Swedish artist at that gala, not giving a good opinion of her: “I’m not saying it’s her, but she came from Sweden, with all her pussy, and He said he had to do a concert after the gala, but he did it inside the gala“.

“And we had to eat almost 45 more minutes of gala while people were there, after 2 hours, just because Loreen didn’t want to do it afterwards. And I find it a bad companion. So I told him to ‘get off’ the stage.”Soriano said, also revealing that he answered: “I got a bit ‘farruca’. He said it was his time (“It’s my time) and I told him it was ours too. That we had spent 200 hours waiting for you to sing ‘Euphoria’, that you have sung five songs, that nobody knows. He sang it last. I should have sung it at the beginning because people didn’t know any more.”

On the other hand, Soriano recognized that Loreen is an artist, but instead, He opined that things must be “said because we are legitimizing that people are assholes”: “And it bothers me a lot.”

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