Lino, the only field player who has participated in all the games

The Brazilian winger Samuel Lino is the only Valencia outfield player who has participated in all the league matches played by his team to date. The striker, who is celebrating his first season at Mestalla, where he arrived on loan from Atlético de Madrid, has played 2,025 minutes and has started all 24 league games.

In addition to respecting his injuries and not having seen more than two yellow cards, for which he has not had to serve a sanction, He has managed to agree the three coaches who have passed through the Valencian bench: Gattuso, Voro and Baraja.

In this time he has scored two goals – against Getafe (5-1) and Real Sociedad (1-1) – and has been substituted on 9 occasions, although five of them have been in the last six days. The great must of him has been precisely his lack of success in front of goal, since although he has shown himself to be an unbalancing player in one against one, He has missed many clear chances that could have given the team more points.

Behind Lino appear the midfielders Almeida and Mussah with 21 games played each, while Hugo Guillamón has played 20 and 19 the Swiss defender, Comert.

Above all of them we find the Georgian international goal, Giorgi Mamardashvili, who hasn’t missed a minute this season and has played 2,160 minutes in 24 games.

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