Linda Caicedo and her integral life project in Europe

Linda Caicedo became a new Real Madrid Femenino player, in a historic transfer for Colombian women’s soccer. The attacker who, once she turned 18, came to strengthen the team led by Alberto Toril, with whom she even made her debut and added 15 minutes in the 5-1 away win against Alhama CF. She now hopes to consolidate herself in the elite on a sporting and personal level, according to her representative.

The signing of the Colombian National Team player surprised, because her name he had been linked to different teams such as Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and Bayern Munich, among others. Cisco Terreros, representative of the player, spoke with El Alargue from Caracol Radio and revealed details of how Linda’s arrival at Real Madrid was achieved.

“We started talking with Real Madrid in November. We’ve always loved their project, it’s a very young team, even the team itself, which has been under the Real Madrid brand for only a few seasons. They are betting very heavily on women’s soccer, they are making extremely important contracts with super young players like Linda Caicedo and legends of European teams, That combination was a project that we liked very much”, he assured.

“People think that Linda was able to go to Real Madrid because I received some kind of money as a representative, but no, she was the one who made the decision and it wasn’t monetary because there were other projects that offered much more money. The Barcelona project was excellent, not only monetarily but also in terms of football. It is one of the best teams in the world in women’s football. The rumors that she was going to the reserves are a lie, they wanted Linda for the first team. But Linda studied all the offers and she decided on Real Madrid”, he complemented.

“We want Linda to continue learning and to speak perfect English”

Linda Caicedo’s representative assured that neither the player nor he received large millions for his arrival at Real Madrid, instead, the goal is for the soccer player to continue preparing and studying to have a better future, for which they are in search of a university that fits your professional career. The great goal is to turn her into the Lionel Messi of women’s football.

“The rumors are not true. She has not received millions of euros for coming to Real Madrid. If we compare salaries from Spain to Colombia they will be different. This type of rumors of the figures harms the life of Linda and many girls, as well as Linda’s family who think that they are now Millionaires and that is not true. She and thanks to Real Madrid now have a new apartment where she can plant her roots for the first time and it’s a very nice experience”, he explained.

For us as representatives it is important that she continue to grow, she will continue with her English classes and other types of classes. We are looking for a university that you can attend. We believe, we know and we have the wisdom to turn Linda into the Messi of women’s football, we know that we are not going to get there easily, we need the support of many things and one of those is that she continue to grow and learn and speak perfect English” , he concluded.

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