Leanne Morgan Wiki, Age, Husband, Chuckina, Net Worth

Leanne Morgan and her husband Chuck Morgan have a story that’s both intriguing and controversial.

They met at the University of Tennessee and started dating after Chuck pursued Leanne relentlessly.

Their young love led them to marry in a private ceremony, and they wasted no time starting a family.

Now, their children have all grown up and moved out, but they still have each other and their two beagles. Chuck has been the rock of their household, providing for the family while Leanne pursued her career as a comedian.

Despite the challenges they faced, they found joy in becoming grandparents to their adorable grandson Charles.

Leanne’s comedic talent has brought her success, with a Netflix special and a popular podcast. With a net worth of $8 million, Leanne Morgan has certainly made her mark in the comedy world.

Leanne Morgan Quick Facts

Full Name Leanne Morgan
Nick Name Leanne
Birthday October 3, 1968
Age 54 years old
Birth Place Tennessee, USA
Horoscope Libra
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University of Tennessee
Father’s Name Jimmy Fletcher
Mother’s Name Lula Lucille
Siblings Beth Mabry
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.85m)
Weight 69 kg (152 lbs.)
Shoe Size 8
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physique (Figure) Fit
Sexuality Straight
Married Yes
Relationship Status Married
Husband Chuck Morgan (Chuckina)
Son Charlie Morgan
Daughter Tess Morgan
Maggie Morgan
Famous As Stand Up Comedian
Net Worth $8 Million
Social Media @leannemorgancomedy

Leanne Morgan Married Life, Husband, Kids

54-year-old Leanne Morgan is happily married to her husband, Chuck Morgan.

Leanne Morgan and her husband Chuck Morgan. (Leanne/Instagram)

Chuck and Leanne met during their early years at the University of Tennessee and started dating ever since.

As per one of Morgan’s standups, Chuck stalked her initially, bought her presents, and pursued her with full determination. Eventually, they started dating.

After dating for a couple of years, Leanne and Chuck married each other in a private wedding ceremony in April 1994.

As of today, Leanne and her spouse, Chuck, have been married for 29 years.

Fun Fact: Leanne calls her husband Big Chuck or Chuckina, depending on her mood.

The couple were very young when they got married. Similarly, they did not wait to start a family either.

Within the span of a couple of years, Leanne and Chuck welcomed three kids: Charlie, Tess, and Maggie.

Young Leanne Morgan with her husband Chuck Morgan with kids
Young Leanne Morgan with her husband Chuck Morgan with kids. (Tess/Instagram)

The couple, however, do have two beagles keeping them company.

Leanne Morgan’s Kids

All of Leanne Morgan’s kids are grown ups today.

Leanne Morgan's three kids, Tess, Charlie, and Maggie
Leanne Morgan’s three kids, Tess, Charlie, and Maggie. (Tess/Instagram)

Leanne’s oldest son, Charlie, is a Knoxville-based outdoor writer, fly shop manager, guide, and freelance digital marketer.

Charlie with his wife and son
Charlie with his wife and son. (Leanne/Instagram)

He married a beautiful woman named Mary in 2016. The couple welcomed a son and named him Charles.

According to Leanne, Charlie was the easiest to raise as a child.

Similarly, Leanne’s second child, Maggie Morgan, is currently working as a Major Gifts Officer at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Maggie Morgan with her boyfriend Tristan Winters
Maggie Morgan with her boyfriend Tristan Winters. (Maggie/Facebook)

Maggie is currently dating The Daily Pursuit’s CEO and nutrition coach, Tristan Winters.

Lastly, Leanne and Chuck’s youngest daughter, Tess Lucille Morgan, who studied at Stanford University and then at the University of Tennessee, works as a makeup artist.

Tess Morgan
Tess Morgan. (Tess/Facebook)

Maggie specializes in events, special FX, bridal and more.

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Who Is Husband Chuck Morgan?

Chuck Morgan attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a major in finance.

Morgan began working since 1996 and his career looks something like this:

  • General Manager at Oakwood Homes from April 1996 to September 1999, totaling 3 years and 6 months.
  • Regional Manager from November 1999 to December 2006, with a tenure of 7 years and 2 months.
  • Zone Vice President for Retail from January 2007 to September 2010, encompassing 3 years and 9 months.
  • Vice President of Retail Strategies at Clayton Homes from October 2010 to June 2012, for a duration of 1 year and 9 months.
  • Vice President of Sales Productivity and Operational Efficiency at Clayton Homes, Inc. (a Berkshire Hathaway company) from July 2012 to September 2018, with a tenure of 6 years and 3 months.
  • Vice President of Site Construction at Clayton Homes in Maryville, TN, since September 2018, currently serving for 4 years and 9 months.

Fast forward to 2023; Chuck Morgan still works as a vice president for ‘Clayton Homes.’

Interestingly, Chuck’s daughter-in-law, Mary also works in Clayton Homes.

During the initial days, she lived as a committed housewife, looking after her then-young children.

One thing led to another, and her career as a comedian replaced her previous housewife status.

For a long time, the couple’s house ran solely on Chuck’s income.

Leanne often talks about her husband and always praises him for looking after the family single-handedly.

As it happens, Chuck’s stable profession became one of the primary reasons why she wasn’t afraid to start comedy.

She went slowly with her career without worrying about the financial condition of the family.

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Leanne Morgan & Grandchildren

A lot of bad things happened for Leanne in 2020. This includes Covid-19 Pandemic causing cancellations of her stage acts.

However, during these times, she received the best gift of all.

That was the birth of her first grandchild!

Leanne and her husband, Chuck’s first grandchild, is Charles Wilbur Beth, who was born on December 8, 2020.

Leanne Morgan with her grandchild Charles.
Leanne Morgan with her grandchild Charles. (Leanne/Instagram)

Here is what she had to say about her 2-year-old grandchild:

“We just stare at him, and he smells good; we just smell of him. And, he looks just like Chuck Morgan, my husband. I’ve never felt like this with anybody else. He’s precious, but I know he’s not mine. Chuck and I want him to be ours. This is what we want to do; we want to still have Charlie at home and have his wife Mary, who we worship, come and live with us and let us all raise Charles Wilbur.”

How cute!

We can definitely feel her happiness right through her posts on social media.

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Leanne Morgan Age, Background, Family

Leanne Morgan, the hilarious comedian, was born on October 3, 1970, in a charming rural village in Tennessee. Today, she is 54 years old, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Leanne was born to Jimmy Fletcher and Lula Lucille.

Growing up, Leanne’s father, Jimmy, 83 years old, worked on their family farm, while her mother, Lucille, 80 years old, was a housewife.

Leanne Morgan's Parents Jimmy and Lula
Leanne Morgan’s Parents Jimmy and Lula. (Leanne/Instagram)

Morgan also has a sister named Beth Mabry, who is married and has a family now.

Leanne credits her dad as a fantastic storyteller, which likely influenced her comedic talents.

Leanne often reminisces about her terrific childhood, filled with love and laughter.

After high school, Morgan pursued higher education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

She graduated in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in child and family studies.

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Leanne Morgan is a standup comedian, writer, and actress.

Leanne has made a major transition from a rural girl to a well-established comedian and actor.

Initially, Leanne worked as a jewelry salesperson.

In 2008, she decided to upload one of her comedy videos on her YouTube channel.

Unexpectedly, she went viral, and her video gathered a lot of views and attention.

Fast-forward to now, and her YouTube channel, Leanne Morgan Comedy, has over 78k subscribers and tons of standup comedy videos.

She then started to perform in a television series named ‘Dry Bar Comedy.’

Some of her very major and identifiable works are ‘Standup Nashville,’ ‘Thou Salt Laughs,’ ‘Paula’s Party,’ and many more.

Now, let me tell you, Leanne started her stand-up comedy after her first child was born, but it has a little twist in it.

By the time of the birth of her second child, she was at the height of her career, with lots of events lined up.

Today, Leanne has her own Netflix special called “Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman” which began streaming on Netflix from April 11.

Similarly, Leanne also has a podcast called “Leanne Morgan: Are We Gonna Eat Anything,” which is available on all major streaming platforms.

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Leanne Morgan Net Worth

Leanne remains famous for her unique comedy, and people never get tired to listen to her.

She has also been a part of many stand-up comedy and television series.

Today, Leanne Morgan has a massive net worth of $8 million from her career as a comedian.

From her decades long career as a comedian, Morgan’s fame has only ever increased.

She does a lot of paid work, meet and greets, sponsorship ads, and so on.

Similarly, Morgan also has her own line of Merch where she sells hats, t-shirts, tumblers, etc. Her merch are priced between $15 to $35.

Additionally, Leanne also earns significantly from her YouTube channel where she posts short clips from her standups.

As per estimated reports, Leanne makes somewhere between $50,000 to $70,000 annually from her Channel.

Lastly, her net worth has increased over the years, thanks to the addition of her Netflix special and podcast.

Leanne’s Just Getting Started Tour Schedule

Here is a table presenting Leanne Morgan’s stand-up shows for 2023:

Date Location
Jul 6 Grant, OK
Jul 7 Grant, OK
Jul 8 Savannah, GA
Jul 9 North Myrtle Beach, SC
Jul 9 North Myrtle Beach, SC
Aug 10 Chesterfield, MO
Aug 11 Chesterfield, MO
Aug 12 Louisville, KY
Aug 12 Louisville, KY
Aug 17 Durham, NC
Aug 18 Durham, NC
Aug 19 Richmond, VA
Aug 24 Des Moines, IA
Aug 25 Des Moines, IA
Aug 26 Chicago, IL
Aug 29 Nashville, TN
Aug 30 Nashville, TN
Sep 14 Pensacola, FL
Sep 15 Pensacola, FL
Sep 16 San Antonio, TX
Sep 16 San Antonio, TX
Sep 21 Pensacola, FL
Sep 22 Pensacola, FL
Sep 23 Atlanta, GA
Oct 5 Fayetteville, AR
Oct 6 Fayetteville, AR
Oct 7 Wichita, KS
Oct 14 New Orleans, LA
Oct 15 Montgomery, AL
Oct 15 Montgomery, AL
Oct 26 San Diego, CA
Oct 27 San Diego, CA
Oct 28 Denver, CO
Nov 3 Tysons, VA
Nov 4 Tysons, VA (4PM)
Nov 4 Tysons, VA (7PM)
Nov 16 Sugar Land, TX
Nov 17 Fort Worth, TX
Nov 18 Fort Worth, TX
Nov 18 Fort Worth, TX
Nov 30 Birmingham, AL
Dec 1 Birmingham, AL
Dec 2 Memphis, TN
Dec 2 Memphis, TN
Dec 15 Springfield, MO
Dec 16 Oklahoma City, OK
Dec 16 Oklahoma City, OK
Jan 20, 2024 Tampa, FL
Jan 20, 2024 Tampa, FL

Leanne Morgan Age

Leanne Morgan is 54 years old. She was born on October 3, 1968, in Tennessee, United States.

Leanne Morgan Husband

Leanne Morgan is married to Chuck Morgan. He works as the vice president for Clayton Holmes.

Leanne Morgan Family

Leanne Morgan and her husband have three children together. One son and two daughters; Charlie, Tess, and Maggie. She also has a grandson named Charles.

Leanne Morgan Net Worth

Leanne Morgan has a net worth of $8 million in 2023.

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