Laura Escanes talks about the beginning of her relationship with Álvaro de Luna: “It was hard for me to name it”

Laura Escanes is in a very good moment. As far as the professional is concerned, the influencer can boast that she does not lack projects. In addition, this Thursday she was awarded the ‘Digital Creator of the Year’ award at the 2023 Ídolo Awards, a recognition that cannot make her happier. On the other hand, her relationship with the singer Álvaro de Luna is strengthening. This Thursday, they both attended the awards, where the influencer spoke about the beginnings of her relationship with the singer for the first time, and she did it to Divinity.

The truth is that the couple is no longer hiding and proof of this are their publications on social networks, where the exchange of messages of affection and photographs together is becoming more frequent. For a time, the couple preferred to keep their relationship in the background and tried to be as discreet as possible, as Laura herself confessed during her walk on the red carpet at the idol awardsorganized by her great friend Dulceida.

Laura Escanes on the red carpet of the 2023 Idol Awards


“At the beginning, one of the things that was most difficult for me was the fact of having to name it, when it was all so suddenly and there are so many questions that not even you have asked yourself…”, he began by expressing himself in front of the microphones of Divinity. “It overwhelmed me a bit,” she acknowledged regarding the persecution that the two suffered from the press. “In the end, everyone has their times and I prefer to say it in time or think first… It depends on the person,” she said, about the decision to remain discreet.

Today, Laura Escanes says she feels “calm and happy” in terms of the new phase she is going through both personally and professionally, after a few very difficult months, especially after the break with the father of her daughter Roma. , Risto Mejide. “I don’t hide anything either. When I want to publish, I publish; when I don’t feel like publishing, I don’t publish. What am I going to tell you? The intimacies of my house?”, he continued saying.

Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna during their ski getaway.

Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna during a getaway to the mountains

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A 27 year old girl

Laura is happy about Risto’s new illusion

Like Laura Escanes, Risto Mejide, with whom he had a relationship for seven years, would have found love again at the hands of Natalia, a 27-year-old girl, with whom he has been seen enjoying a weekend of disconnection in Cuenca. “I’m not here to talk about the lives of others, but if he is happy, I am happy. Just as he is happy about my happiness, in the end, if we are happy, Rome will be happy,” Escanes expressed on the subject.

As for her controversial tweet “It’s not by chance” after the appearance of the first photographs of Risto Mejide with her possible new partner, Laura Escanes preferred not to answer questions from the press and avoid further controversy involving her in a conflict with the father of his daughter. Precisely, Risto himself has had a gesture with the influencer this Friday, which shows that the relationship between the two is, to say the least, cordial. Risto Mejide shared the tender congratulations from his daughter Roma to Laura Escanes through her Instagram account. The three-year-old girl has sent a voice note to her mother saying “I love you mommy” and she has reminded her of the smile she gave him in her award acceptance speech.

Risto Mejide shares Roma's congratulations on his Instagram stories

Risto Mejide shares Roma’s congratulations on his Instagram stories


Likewise, in her acceptance speech for the award she received last night, the ‘influencer’ wanted to dedicate a special moment to her daughter Roma. The Catalan thanked her for the support and strength that her little girl has given her during the most difficult moments, acknowledging that her unconditional love has been a constant source of inspiration.

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