Laura Escanes talks about her break with Risto Mejide: “I don’t even consider spending my whole life with someone”

Laura Escanescurrently a couple of alvaro de lunahas spoken on his podcast about his relationship with Risto Mejide And what does he think of his sentimental life from now on? According to the influencer, her perspective on love has changed after all her experiences. “I don’t even consider spending my whole life with someone”he has reflected.

“If it could not be and I have had a daughter… I think not, it is something that makes me ball”, he has insisted scans. In addition, he has reviewed what went wrong and that led to the break with the presenter Risto Mejide, father of her daughter Roma. “There came a time when we were not happy, neither was I nor lam,” she stressed.

The age difference with Risto Mejide

Laura Escanes is 21 years apart from Risto Mejide. In this sense, the influencer has ensured that this distance was not, by itself, a problem for the viability of the relationship. In fact, they themselves joked about this aspect publicly on some occasions, such as on Father’s Day last year, in which they both published a highly commented photograph together.

In it, the influencer and the publicist posed and thus responded to one of the typical comments that some made regarding the couple. In any case, Laura Escanes has insisted that this is not, in principle, an inconvenience: “The age difference is not a problem if you are at the same vital moment. I think that it is not the difference, but the vital moment”.

In any case, the influencer, precisely because of this, has given some clues here about what did not quite materialize in her old relationship with the father of her daughter. “What happens is that the vital moment and the difference in age with aspects that are very related to each other,” she has analyzed.

Either way, Laura Escanes He has confessed that his perspective was different before breaking up with Risto Mejide: “I believed in love for life and I imagined being with him all my life, without considering any other option.”

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