LaLiga de Tebas spent 139 million in 5 years for publicity, propaganda and public relations

The league of javier thebes It has become one of the main advertisers in the Spanish media. The employers have large accounts in almost all of the national press. During the last five years, LaLiga spent a total of 139.42 million on advertising, publicity and public relations.

The memories of the entity chaired by javier thebes They add that most of these expenses “correspond to those produced by new Branded Content agreements with different publishing groups.” The employers’ association launched an important campaign in the Spanish media in recent years through content called “It’s not football, it’s LaLiga”.

The money allocated to advertising, propaganda and public relations grew to 33.4 million euros in 2021. In the two years that the pandemic lasted, LaLiga, far from saving this expense, shot it up to its maximum figures. In 2020, despite the fact that the competition stopped for the Covid-19, Javier Tebas allocated 32.4 million euros to this item.

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However, LaLiga reduced spending in 2022 and disbursed 26 million euros during the last year. The influence of Javier Tebas’ employers’ association in the media has been growing exponentially since he became president in 2013.

LaLiga did not want to respond to this newspaper when it asked for the breakdown of the games from the media. The employers affirmed that “they are contracts subject to confidentiality” and that the distributions are “objective”.

Another expense that has been growing exponentially over the past five years has been independent professional services. A highly varied heading that includes the fees of economists, lawyers, auditors and events… In other words, the disbursement made to people outside the entity.

In the last five years, LaLiga paid 236.3 million euros for independent professional services. The amount grew from 21.1 million spent in 2018 to 70.3 million in 2022. An increase of more than 50 million per year disbursed in five years.

In 2021 it was the only year of recession in this section, but the LaLiga report explains that it was due to “the non-celebration or celebration with limitations of a series of events” such as “the Davis cup, the International Champions Cup or those related to ‘The classic’“.

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The “It’s not football, it’s LaLiga” campaigns occupy important spaces on the front pages of the media and even have their own subdomain in some of them. This type of content is a great source of income for the media and even in the smallest it has become their main advertiser.

To institutional advertising, we must add the expense that LaLiga makes for the content for its social networks or platforms. For example, during the Qatar World Cup made a daily program in Youtube called ‘LaLiga es Mundial’, which had the collaboration of journalists present at the event, and to date the cost of content on a tournament that had nothing to do with LaLiga was unknown to the clubs’ coffers. In fact, no major European league made a similar outlay.

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LaLiga’s strategy in the media has been clear in the last five years. thebes has turned the employer into one of the main advertisers of Spain, all this with the money generated by football clubs. He has even used these funds to make videos against super league and criticize real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the two most important teams of the entity that he chairs and those that he also represents.

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