La Real conquers an eternal heart

Realistic is born or made. It is an adapted version of the saying ‘it is born, it is not made’ that fits perfectly with Nima Rafat, a Roman of Iranian origin with a beating heart in txuri urdin. He has been doing it since 25 years ago his father took him to Donostia on vacation for the first time. “I fell in love with the city and the club,” he tells MD, although he acknowledges that his passion had already begun to build with the first full sticker album, where he was arched, his idol. “La Real at that time was famous, I liked the goalkeepers and arched It was also a myth for people who were not from the Real. I have him tattooed ”, she comments. He admits that he liked all the Basque teams, “including Athletic”, but that once he got to know the city of San Sebastian and the history of the club “he had to choose”. And he did.

Since then, he has been a royalist follower from Rome, his current home, although he has “a special relationship with Donostia”, where he wants to retire, “if possible in Gros, but it is very expensive”. Rafat He has a Twitter account called Txuri Urdin Roma, and a personal diary in the form of a blog and in a realistic key, since 2009, with more than 1,000 articles.

a strong love

The daughter of Nima Rafat He was born in 2007 and, when he was one year old, he visited Anoeta for the first time. Since then, her daughter has also been enhanced, she buys her the shirt for each season. 2007 was the year of relegation, which marked him completely. “It was the reason why I became 100% of Real, I didn’t care that I played in the Second Division.”

Rafat He affirms that he went to see Real matches in the Second Division. “I went to Tarragona with some friends, I traveled to Donostia on the day of the promotion against Celta but I did not get tickets. I celebrated it well with the people.” Of course, he would have liked to see more games but he attributes it to the difficulty of finding flights. When he does visit his team’s land it is “almost every summer.” This year he will return after not doing it since before COVID.

A 50/50 match

He is excited that Real will play in his city, but he is not sure if he will go, even if he has tried. “I have spoken with Real to go to the visiting stands but it is not possible for security reasons.” He doesn’t throw in the towel, although he doesn’t like going with Roma fans, he doesn’t like them too much.

Rafat He will host the almost 2,000 royalists with whom he “sure” will meet in the previous one. “Some are going to come from Lurdes!” He exclaimed in surprise. He recommends three classic places to hang out. Piazza Navona, the Trastevere neighborhood and the Campo de Fiori. He sees the Romans plugged in “after beating Juventus, it’s important for them”, and he anticipates a full house “because Roma fans are very dedicated to the team”. Of course, “the pressure is higher for them, and the options are 50/50, you have to watch Dybala”.

He is calm “because we have the canary” and trusts that the team will resume the good feelings. “It will be difficult in front of 70,000 fans, but it is important to play here first.”

He has a magical recipe to win, which he tells MD in Basque, with a grammar display included, because it didn’t come out in Spanish. “La Real has to have harrotasuna. Well, harrotasun, because otherwise it would be ‘the pride’”. Of course, they are satisfied with drawing in Rome and winning in Donostia. “Would not be bad”.

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