Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie Explained 

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie Explained 

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie Explained in Short

Kill Boksoon (2023) Thriller movie. The South Korean Suspense Thriller film “Kill Boksoon” story summarized with a full ending/explanation. The plot is about a character named ‘Kill Boksun’, who is a contract killer working for a company called MK. She encounters a man who is a notorious gangster and threatens to kill him for money. However, she gives him a chance to fight back, and after a fierce battle, she ultimately kills him. Upon returning home, Boksun discovers that her daughter has been smoking, which angers her. Also her daughter dont know about her contract killer reality. We see that Boksun is a skilled assassin, and her boss holds her in high regard. Boksun’s friend reveals that many killer companies have strict rules, which limit job opportunities for contract killers. The conversation escalates when a man opposes these rules and loses a hand as a consequence. One day, Boksun’s daughter gets involved in an incident at school. This revelation leaves Boksun torn between her life as an assassin and her desire to protect her daughter. She now fears her daughter might follow in her footsteps. Later, Boksun gets another mission from her boss and is assigned to work with a killer fighter. However, things take a dark turn when they discover that their target is a politician’s son. Kill Boksun, the only assassin who gives you a fighting chance… and then takes it away! How will Boksun’s daughter react when she finds out about her mom’s real job? This movie is also known as Gil Bok-soon.


Images and footage Source: Netflix
Director: Byun Sung-hyun
Producer: Yi Jin-hee
Edited by: Kim Sang-bum
Writer: ūJeon Do-Yeon

Full Explanation of Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie Explained 

At the beginning of the film, we see a man who was sleeping in his room very comfortably.
When he opens his eyes, he sees that that man is sleeping on the road.
A woman was sitting in front of him, who now comes to him and starts talking to him.
This is the main character of the story, whose name is Kill Boksun.
From their talks, we came to know that that man is a very big goon of Japan.
Boksun tells him that you were sleeping in your room, but now I will kill you.
Because of which you were not brought here on the road.
Because I will get money in return for killing you.
The reason is that I am a contract killer, who takes money and kills people.
This is my job.
Because I work in a killer company, whose name is MK company, which kills people on the contract.
And I am the dangerous killer there.
The man says, but you can’t kill me, I don’t have that much strength.
If you wanted, you could have killed me while sleeping, right?
On which Boksun says that yes, she could have killed.
But I also have a 17-year-old daughter, who always says that everyone should get equal opportunities.
In which the other person can protect himself, can prove himself.
Take that opportunity today, I am giving you too.
Saying this, she threw the sword in front of the man.
And she challenges him to fight with her.
Where there was a great fight between the two of them.
Both were hitting each other.
Because of this, Boksun realized in a little while that she is also very strong and brave.
Maybe she defeated me.
That’s why she came very cleverly to her car.
And shoots her from a distance.
Due to which he got injured a lot.
Then she comes close and finishes her work by shooting the last.
And thus completes her target.
The mission that she got to kill this man.
Then Boksun came home and started working at home.
When she was picking up clothes, she got a packet of cigarettes from her daughter’s clothes.
Seeing which she was very angry with her daughter that she smokes.
And she does not remember that time of her childhood.
When her dad died of coffee because of smoking Boksun.
And to get rid of this habit, he was forced to smoke.
Now remembering this time, Boksun herself starts smoking.
Then her daughter also came back from school.
Boksun tells her everything and tells her to quit smoking.
On which her daughter started misbehaving.
Says that the work you do yourself, why are you telling me to quit?
Saying this, she went to her room.
But because of this, Boksun was very angry.
She went to her daughter’s room.
But by then her daughter had realized.
She says, Mom, I’m sorry.
I shouldn’t have said all that.
I am ashamed.
Please forgive me.
After this, we see a man and a girl together.
Both of them were siblings.
And at this time they were watching news on TV.
In which it was being told that a very big goon in the city has been murdered.
But who killed him, this information is not being known.
Now he is the same goon who was killed by Boksun.
On which the man who was watching the news started praising Boksun.
From which we came to know that he is actually Boksun’s boss.
Who had given him the target of killing the goon.
Now his favorite killer was Boksun.
Although Boksun’s sister does not like Boksun much.
From their talks, it was found that Boksun’s killer company.
Whose name was MK company.
Boksun’s contract was agreed with him.
Which was about to be completed now.
But he wanted to work with Boksun in the future too.
Because he is the bravest and most powerful of all the killers.
Who has not lost a single mission till date.
Then she went to a hotel to meet her friends.
Who were also killers like her.
But her desire was to become a powerful killer like Boksun.
But till now she did not have a job.
She was unemployed.
Then one of them tells that we are unemployed because of the boss of MK company.
Because like his company, there are many other killer companies.
For all of them and for their killers.
Boss made some rules.
First that no one will kill any child.
The second rule was that no one will leave their company and become a part of another company.
The third and last rule was that no one will leave the work without completing their mission.
Due to all these rules, it was difficult for them to get work.
Now after hearing all these rules, a man sat there and raised his hand.
That means he opposed these rules.
Which the other companies did not like.
And she cut off that man’s hand.
Now the same boy who was a friend of Boksun says.
And as far as Boksun is concerned, she has a job because the boss gives her a mission every time.
Otherwise, she does not have so much ability that she can sit somewhere else.
Now after hearing this, Boksun started getting angry at her.
She says that this is good.
So if you have so much ability then prove it.
And to prove it, you have to send a bloody sharp knife to me.
And in the story, the meaning of a bloody knife is to challenge someone for a fight.
That means Boksun wanted to fight him.
Saying this, she left from here.
But as soon as she came to her car, there were some people standing there.
Who were flirting with her car.
Now after seeing Boksun, she moved aside.
But now she starts misbehaving with him.
So in the meantime, the boy Boksun’s friend came here.
Whom he challenged to fight.
He beats those people a lot by pushing them back.
Now he beats them with his skills.
After which he came to Boksun.
Now after seeing his skills, Boksun was very happy and impressed.
And here they have a very deep friendship.
Then she brings Boksun to one place and gives him money.
And started saying that this will be of use to you.
On which he says that I do not want money.
Instead, you open a company.
And keep me there for a job.
After hearing this, she said that yes, my contract is also going to end with her.
After which I did the same.
Now Boksun’s daughter was with her friend.
And these two liked each other.
But they kept their relationship hidden from everyone.
Now these two girls were smoking.
At the same time, three girls come here.
After seeing them, Boksun’s daughter started leaving from here.
After seeing this, a boy holds her hand.
He started misbehaving with her.
On which Boksun’s daughter got angry.
She says that I will break your hand.
After saying this, she started leaving from here.
After seeing this, the boy’s friend started laughing at his insult.
Because of which now the boy Boksun’s daughter also started getting angry.
When Boksun and her daughter were eating at home.
Then her daughter was getting messages from someone again and again.
Then she also picked up her mobile and started writing messages.
After seeing this, Boksun asks her.
Is there any boy of yours whose messages are coming?
On which she says that no, there is no such thing.
I am talking to my friend.
All the children in the school have to give a speech.
That who can be a killer?
Man or woman?
But I will give it to men.
Because being a killer for women is not an ordinary thing.
This is a very strange and very bad thing.
After hearing this from her daughter, Boksun was quite surprised.
And worried too.
Because her daughter did not know.
That her mother is such a dangerous killer.
The next day, when Boksun was going to her office.
Then Boksun’s sister comes there.
Who meets Boksun and acts that she is very happy with JCO.
But inside she hates him.
Now at one place a fighter killer girl was fighting with a boy.
She grabs his neck and first hits him on the table.
And then she hits him several times and brings him to Boksun’s sister.
Actually Boksun’s sister was preparing new killers for her company.
And one of them was this fighter killer girl.
Who is the best of all the killers.
Now here Boksun comes along with Boksun’s sister.
Seeing whom everyone welcomes her.
Because seeing her senior and dangerous killer.
Boksun’s sister became jealous.
And she tells everyone here about that killer fighter.
That in the future she will become a better killer than Boksun.
Now hearing this, Boksun did not like it.
And she started leaving from here.
On which Boksun’s sister says that stop Boksun.
I am saying this because this girl.
Is not as powerful and dangerous as you at this age.
And now she challenges them to fight.
After which they face each other to fight.
And their fight started.
That girl was using her special moves very fast.
And was attacking Boksun again and again.
But Boksun who was no less than anyone.
She easily escapes from this attack every time.
And when that fighter killer attacked Boksun with a knife for the last time.
Then Boksun cleverly puts her weapon in front of her.
And stops her attack.
And thus she wins this fight.
But because Boksun’s sister hates her.
So now she herself tries to humiliate Boksun.
After this Boksun went to her Boksun.
Where she was telling him.
Now because our contract is about to end.
So I want to do a new contract with you.
So that you can work with me more.
On which Boksun says that my daughter is growing up now.
I don’t want my work to affect her.
I am thinking of leaving this work forever.
She was saying that Boksun got a call from someone.
After hearing what was on the call.
She got very scared.
She got up quickly and started going from there.
This call actually came from her son’s school.
And she was being told that your daughter has killed a boy.
Then Boksun reaches the school in some time.
Where she got to know from the teacher.
That her friend was also there with her daughter.
But why did she do such a dangerous thing?
Both are not telling this.
So to punish for this.
Her daughter is suspended from school for a week.
That means she will not come to school.
Now this was the same boy.
Who had tried to misbehave with Boksun’s daughter many times before.
Then Boksun started taking her daughter from there.
She also scolds her a lot.
When these two were sitting in the car.
Then Boksun started asking her angrily.
That why did you kill that boy?
Now Boksun got very scared after hearing what she answers.
Her daughter says that I wanted to kill that boy.
But she survived.
On which Boksun lost her senses.
Then she comes to her friend.
And tells her everything about her daughter.
And also that when I was 17 years old.
Then I had committed the first murder of my life.
But now I don’t want my work to have a bad effect on my daughter.
I am scared that my daughter might also become like me.
I want to keep her away from all this.
So that she becomes something by studying.
Although I had contracted with the boss.
That my work should not affect my daughter.
But this is happening.
Because of which I am worried.
My daughter is also getting worried.
But she doesn’t know about my work.
And I should quit this work very soon.
Now when Boksun was at home.
Then she tries to make her daughter understand.
That she should keep control over her anger.
And stop doing such bad things.
But her daughter refuses to listen to anything and goes away from there.
Her daughter now came out.
On whose face there was a lot of trouble.
Which was looking like.
As if something has happened to her.
Which she couldn’t tell her mother.
Now seeing her changing behavior.
Boksun was also getting very worried.
Now Boksun got a call from the boss.
Who tells her to go to the next mission.
And tells her the target.
Whom she had to kill.
And says.
That this time that killer fighter girl will also go with you.
That means the same girl.
With whom Boksun also fought.
Before going to the mission.
Both meet each other.
Here that killer fighter Boksun shows her the weapon.
After which she leaves for her mission.
Her mission was to kill a boy.
To whose house she reaches.
When he was sleeping.
Then she leaves a gas of unconsciousness in his room.
Due to which the boy also became conscious.
After which she went ahead to do her work.
Now she had to do this murder.
That it looked like.
As if the boy himself took his life.
That’s why now as soon as.
Killer fighter was about to cut his nose.
At that time Boksun.
Prevents her from doing this.
And explains.
That the person who takes his life.
Never cuts the nose straight.
But he must be afraid.
Must be scared.
That’s why his nose.
Must be cut crookedly.
That’s why we will also cut his nose like this.
And now as soon as she was about to cut his nose.
That suddenly stops.
And starts looking at the picture of this boy lying on the table.
From which she comes to know.
That this boy is the minister’s son.
There was also a note lying next to it.
By reading which Boksun came to know.
That this boy actually.
His father.
Wants the minister to die.
She was reading this note.
That at that time Boksun got a call.
Which was of her daughter.
Then she sends the killer fighter out.
And starts talking to her daughter.
Her daughter says.
Please forgive me.
I misbehaved with you.
And please.
Come back home soon.
Seeing her daughter talking like this.
Boksun also gets emotional.
She got tears in her eyes.
Because till today.
Her daughter had not spoken so lovingly.
The reason is.
Because of her work.
Could not spend much time with her daughter.
Now we see Bose.
Who had gone to Russia for his mission.
And at this time he was sitting in a bar.
Where he got a call.
Which was of Boksun.
She tells Bose.
That forgive me.
But I failed in this mission.
But after hearing this.
Bose does not believe.
Because it had never happened before.
On which Boksun says.
That believe me.
I could not kill that boy.
Because we had left the gas of unconsciousness less.
And that boy did not become unconscious.
And he woke up.
So we could not complete our mission.
The truth was.
That Boksun was lying.
Because her daughter had called.
And had made her emotional.
Because of this.
She could not kill that boy.
Hearing this Bose gets angry.
And he says.
That you have broken the rules of our company.
Whose punishment you will get.
Because according to the rules of the company I have told.
You cannot leave the mission in the middle.
And then all the people outside.
Attack him.
From whom only Bose gets angry.
Whoever was coming to kill him.
He was very easily.
Catching him.
Killing him and throwing him away.
He used to stop all of us.
First kill him with his hands.
And then shoot him with a bullet.
And like this he killed everyone.
And now he again.
Started talking to Boksun.
That the rule you have broken.
His punishment was death.
Because this is the rule of the company.
That if you leave your target.
Without completing the mission.
Then you will be killed.
Hearing this Boksun says.
That if you do not agree with me.
Then you can ask the killer fighter girl.
Saying which she makes Bose talk to her.
On which she also lies.
That yes.
We really could not do this mission.
Now Boksun says to Bose.
That if you save me from this punishment.
Then I will work with you in the future.
We will make a contract again.
Now after finishing the mission of Russia.
When Bose was going back.
Then sitting in the plane.
He calls his sister.
And after hearing Boksun.
He tells her that she did not complete the mission.
On which she says.
That she has broken the rules of the company.
So now she should be punished.
We should kill her.
On which Bose says that no.
We cannot do this.
Because she is the senior killer of our company.
She has said that she will work with us in the future.
And I want to work with her.
After saying this.
He hangs up the phone.
And now he starts remembering that time.
When he went to kill Boksun’s dad.
He also got the contract to kill him.
The reason is that his dad was in the police.
When he went there to kill him.
Then Boksun came.
After seeing which he stops.
But now Boksun herself kills her dad.
Because she was already very annoyed with her dad.
She used to do a lot of atrocities on him.
After doing this.
She did not feel any shame.
In fact she was smiling.
She was very young.
Only 17 years old.
And this was the first murder of her life.
From then till now.
She killed many people.
And she is working with her Bose.
And because she never failed in her mission.
So because of this mission.
Bose did not believe her.
He had a doubt somewhere.
That Boksun is lying.
Because obviously it was difficult to believe this.
That in such a small mission.
How can she fail?
Now Bose’s sister.
Goes to Boksun’s friend.
And sends her on a mission.
She also tells the target.
Now in the news it was being shown.
That the minister’s son has been murdered.
After seeing which Boksun was quite surprised.
Because he had left her.
So who killed her now?
Meanwhile her daughter came here.
And they both start talking to each other.
Now here Boksun’s daughter.
Tells her mother the whole truth.
That I like my friend.
And when I was sitting very close to my friend.
Then the same girl.
I mean the minister’s son.
Made our pictures.
I told her to delete the pictures.
On which she said that I will do it.
But on one condition.
If you make a wrong relationship with me.
But I clearly refused to do that work.
On which that boy threatened me.
That I will put your pictures on the internet.
Because of which I got angry.
And that day in school.
I slapped him.
That means the boy.
Whom Boksun had gone to kill.
The minister’s son.
He was the one.
Who used to trouble Boksun’s daughter.
And made her pictures.
Then she said crying.
That my friend didn’t want.
That you or anyone else should know about our relationship.
This is the reason.
That I didn’t tell you this thing.
On which Boksun said.
But you made a mistake.
You should have told me this thing earlier.
Then I wouldn’t have been so sad today.
Hearing this her daughter says.
That if I didn’t tell.
Then you never told me.
That what work do you do?
After hearing this.
Boksun goes crazy.
She thinks.
That she didn’t get to know anything.
About my work.
That I am a dangerous killer.
Now only her doorbell rings.
Boksun sees.
That there is a killer fighter girl.
Who has come to meet her.
Then Boksun brings her inside.
Holds her.
And puts a knife on her neck.
And asks.
That why have you come here?
Actually Boksun was pretending here.
So that her daughter doesn’t get to know about her work.
She had also made the killer fighter understand.
Then that girl says.
That I have actually been fired by MK company.
After which they both went to a hotel.
Where the rest of the workers of MK company also came.
Who was their friend.
After hearing this they came to know.
That the mission Boksun and the killer fighter had left.
That is to kill that girl.
After that Boksun’s friend did it.
By killing the minister’s son.
After knowing this Boksun felt very bad.
Now only Boksun’s friend.
Receives a call from her sister.
Which Boksun picks up.
After which she came to know.
That Boksun’s left target was her friend.
Who was not given by her sister.
After which Boksun’s sister.
Talks to the people sitting there.
And gives them a mission.
After which the next moment the owner of the hotel.
Puts a rope around Boksun’s neck.
And starts pulling her.
And now all of them together.
Attack her.
Because this was the mission given by Boksun’s sister.
To kill Boksun.
But she was alone.
She bravely fights everyone’s attack.
She kills everyone one by one.
And throws them away.
She sometimes with her hands.
And sometimes with her legs.
Picks up the blades.
And throws them at them.
In this fight the killer fighter.
Also supports Boksun.
And now they both.
Kill everyone one by one.
Now when Boksun.
Started killing her friend.
Then she says.
Please forgive me.
I didn’t do all this on my own.
In fact to do this.
Boksun’s sister told me.
Now Boksun’s phone started ringing.
When she checks.
Then her daughter’s boss.
Had called.
So now Boksun.
While talking to her daughter.
Starts going from there.
But then the boss comes.
And catches her.
He tries to kill her.
By strangling her.
But then the killer fighter.
Comes running.
And tells her.
That this attack.
Was done by your sister.
There is no fault of Boksun in this.
Hearing this.
Boksun leaves her.
On which she says.
Now I won’t leave your sister.
Boss says.
If you do anything to my sister.
Then I will kill you.
Boksun says.
Whether I kill your sister or not.
But the rest of the company will kill her.
Because if they come to know.
That your company’s people.
Died because of her.
Then they won’t leave her.
Hearing this.
Boss says no.
I will save my sister.
And you too.
Because in future.
I want to work with you.
She doesn’t answer this.
And leaves from there.
But now.
Boss doesn’t leave the killer fighter girl.
He kills her.
Because she.
Helped Boksun.
And now.
She knows the truth about her sister.
He puts a sharp object.
On her neck.
Due to which her eyes.
Start bleeding.
And due to a lot of mercy.
She dies.
Now when Boksun comes home.
She sees.
That her daughter is crying.
Because she heard on the call.
That someone wants to kill her mother.
On which Boksun.
As soon as she started explaining.
She says no.
You will have to tell me the truth.
That you are a spy.
Because I saw a gun in your bag.
Hearing this Boksun is satisfied.
That she doesn’t know the truth about me.
And she lies to her daughter.
That yes dear.
I am a spy.
But I promise you.
That I will not do this work in future.
I will leave it from now.
I had a fight with my friends.
I regret.
That I do this work.
On which her daughter said.
That mother I too regret.
I trusted my friend.
Actually she was cheating me.
She was just pretending to love me.
And because of that.
I killed that boy.
And now.
Because of her own mistake.
Both of them are very sad.
After this we see.
That all the companies are having a meeting.
Because MK company’s killer Boksun.
Had killed other company’s killers.
Which was against the rules.
On which one man.
Came to her and says.
That because.
MK company’s killer has made a mistake.
So the punishment.
Will be given to her boss.
By saying this.
She keeps the knife with her.
Seeing this.
The boss got very angry.
And he picks up the knife.
And attacks that man.
He stabs him in the neck.
He bites him badly.
And kills him.
And he dies there.
Because this was also against the rules.
In any meeting.
He will not bring weapons.
Now Boksun.
To sign the next contract.
Goes to the office of MK company.
Where Boksun met.
Her sister.
Now she knew.
That no one else attacked me.
But the boss’s sister.
Because of which Boksun.
Was already angry with her.
The thing.
She didn’t want to change.
Before signing the contract.
She attacks the boss’s sister with that pen.
She puts the pen in her neck.
She cuts off her neck.
Because of which her blood.
Became blood.
And she died.
After signing.
Boksun leaves from here.
She left a pen filled with blood there.
Which meant.
That now she is challenging the boss.
The news of this.
When the boss came to know.
Then he calls Boksun’s daughter.
And tells her.
That I work with your mom in the company.
I have got their challenge.
You tell your mother.
That come to the office tomorrow.
We have to talk.
Then when her daughter.
Was eating with Boksun.
Then she tells her mom.
That she got a call from your office.
You have to go to work in your company tomorrow.
After hearing this.
Boksun understood.
That the boss.
Has accepted the challenge.
That’s why the next day.
She goes to the office of MK company.
After getting ready well.
She didn’t care about anything.
Although she knew.
That what is going to happen to me there.
And now as soon as she reaches there.
Opens the door.
The boss.
Rains bullets on her at the same time.
But she didn’t get a single bullet.
Because intentionally.
But the boss.
Didn’t aim properly.
The reason was that Boksun.
Didn’t want to kill her with a bullet.
After which they start talking.
They drank a lot.
And now they.
Start talking about their fight.
Now they both knew.
That we are brave and powerful.
And both of them.
Can’t win each other in a fight.
One reason was.
That both of them.
Understood each other’s every move.
And were dangerous killers.
Now Boksun tells the boss.
That I know.
You can’t kill me.
I know your weakness.
Your weakness is me.
That you love me.
I know that.
This was also true.
Because the first time.
Her boss saw Boksun.
That’s when he fell in love with her.
When he went to kill her dad.
When Boksun was 17 years old.
Suddenly Boksun.
Attacks her boss.
She stabs him in the stomach.
On which the boss says.
That your daughter is also seeing all this.
Which Boksun.
Is very saddened to know.
Her daughter was very saddened to see all this.
That this is my mother’s form.
She started crying.
Boksun was also saddened.
Because today her real face.
Was in front of her son.
Which she didn’t want.
After this incident.
Boksun started coming to her house.
Went to her son’s room.
Where she was sleeping.
But in reality.
Her daughter was her real life.
But here she does it.
As if she didn’t see anything.
And now we see a few days later.
Where Boksun’s daughter.
Goes to her school.
She hugs her friend.
And threatens him.
That if you betray me.
And don’t support me.
Then I will kill you.
Now threatening to kill.
This was a sign.
That Boksun’s bad deeds.
Had affected her daughter too.
Which her mother.
Never wanted.
But now it has happened.
She is brave like her mother.
And maybe she too.
Became a dangerous killer.
Many times more than her mother.
Her smile.
Was evil like her mother.
Which was pointing to the coming danger.
And with this.
This film ends here.

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