Key Alves was born to be a former BBB

For the vast majority of BBB participants, life only begins after elimination. That short period they are confined under 24-hour surveillance is nothing more than a catapult for the rest of their days.

Because an absolute minority manages to actually win the show, but look how many dozens of people, perhaps hundreds, live under the aegis of the reality show on their resumes. Being ex-BBB is an art.

In a quick and easy way, Key Alves needed just a few minutes in the famous Chat with the Eliminated from Globoplay to demonstrate that he was born to carry out the function in an extraordinary way.

With good humor, lightness and even an attitude that she had not shown during BBB 23, the volleyball player went through the most varied themes, including the most delicate of her controversial participation.

She assumed her mistakes more objectively than others, laughed at herself, exposed the secrets of the duvet and tried to fool the interviewees. By all indications, she will have a long and solid career as a former BBB. Fine by me.

We’ll be back anytime with new information.

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